I had to watch the Oregon State game again just to be sure. It’s true, the Cats won. The ruling on the scoreboard stood.

Was that not the craziest instant replay game you’ve ever seen? (Witnesses of the 2006 Oklahoma/Oregon game need not reply.) Here’s a look at all the plays that were reviewed in the Arizona game:

2nd quarter – The Quizz barely backs into the end zone. It’s ruled a TD and the replay official correctly confirms it.

2nd quarter – A Beaver makes a catch on the sideline. The ruling is a catch and the replay guy is right in confirming it.

3rd quarter – Trevin Wade’s diving interception is confirmed. Finally a call goes the Cats’ way. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the next one.

4th quarter – The 2-point conversion attempt is called good. The replay shows Rodgers either puts his knee down short of the goal line or he defies gravity. The guy in the booth apparently doesn’t believe in science. Both Versus announcers say, “Unbelievable.” Again, you guys haven’t seen too much Arizona Football, have you?

4th quarter – The spot on the UA 3rd down play. The ruling on the field is a 1st down but Mr. Official makes the correct decision to overturn the call.

4th quarter – The spot on OSU’s 4th down play. How often do you get two spots challenged in the same game? The ruling on the field is a 1st down, the video clearly shows Canfield’s knee hitting the turf with the ball a full yard short of the marker, and yet the ruling on the field stands.

It’s stuff like this that make you savor a victory a little more. It also reminds you that you’re a Wildcat fan. Our football team never does things the easy way. There’s a long list of torturing moments just from this past weekend. We’ll call them…

Things Nobody Else Does

– Use the “Hey! We’re running a quarterback sneak!” formation.
I don’t believe this formation has been used since the invention of the facemask.

– Squib kickoffs in the middle of the game.
It’s embarrassing. It’s like shooting a free throw underhand because you can’t reach the rim.

– Get a delay of game penalty on a punt when you’re ahead and the game clock isn’t even moving.
That about sums it up.

– Take a knee on first down then call a running play on the second down.
Our endgame strategy certainly needs work. Especially when we…

– Give up an onside kick after a safety.
The Cats had two Gatorade-shower moments (the Ross INT and the safety) and yet the OSU offense ends up with a chance to win the game after both of them. That’s really hard to do.

And yet, we won! So enjoy it. Besides, how often do you get to brag about your starting quarterback being undefeated?

Even after further review.