Here it comes. A fork in the road. A crossroads. Any other highway-based metaphor. And I’m not just talking about the Arizona football team.

This week YOU have a decision to make. You have to figure out – right now – how good you think the 2009 Wildcats are. Are we a middle-of-the-Pac team for the fifth consecutive year? Or does this squad have a chance at something more? Your weekend’s rooting interests depend on it.

There are three league games on Saturday besides our own and two of them pit a conference leader against a bowl bubble team. The bottom line is this: If you think by the end of the year the Cats will be fighting for a low-end bowl you want the top teams to beat the middle teams now. But if you think there’s a chance the UA can make a run at the big prizes you want teams ahead of us in the standings to go down.

Are we decent-good or good-great? With the Cats/Dawgs playing late you don’t have the luxury of seeing how that game goes first. It’s time to take a stand, people.

Me? I’m partaking of the optimism. This may end up being our last day as a contender so I’m going to enjoy it. Let’s topple some giants!

Oregon (4-1 / 2-0) at UCLA (3-1 / 0-1) – 12:30 PM (all times Arizona/Pacific), ABC
The Ducks have won their last two games by a combined score of 94-9. I think they’re over the Boise State thing.

Who do we root for?
UCLA. This is Oregon’s first road game since their opening week loss. Let’s hope they get sloppy before their bye week.

ASU (2-2 / 0-1) at WSU (1-4 / 0-3) – 2 PM
The battle for 9th place begins here!

Who do we root for?
WSU. This may be the Cougars’ best chance at a conference win since the Devils’ offense isn’t exactly on-fire. They’re downright flame-retardant.

Stanford (4-1 / 3-0) at OSU (3-2 / 1-1) – 4 PM, FSN
The Trees are a third of the way to the Rose Bowl. They can’t keep this up, can they?

Who do we root for?
OSU. It’s time for Stanford to come back to earth a bit. As an added bonus it would make them an iffy road team as they prepare to head to Tucson next week.

ARIZONA (3-1 / 1-0) at Washington (2-3 / 1-1) – 7 PM, FSNNW / FSNAZ
The Huskies try to bounce back from that controversial loss to Notre Dame against a Wildcat team looking to keep its quarterback undefeated.

Who do we root for?
Your Arizona Wildcats. The season certainly doesn’t end with a loss but the dreams would get scaled back a bit.

Let’s go ahead and keep dreaming.