The TWIT-Pac is back with another round of unsolicited sports-watching advice!

Even though last week’s crossroads game didn’t go well for the Wildcats, the good news is there are no games pitting a league leader against a bowl contender so the Dreamers (“8-1 still gets us to the Rose Bowl!”) and the Realists (“7-5 is the absolute ceiling!”) can root for the same teams this week.

Cal (3-2 / 0-2) at UCLA (3-2 / 0-2) – 12:30 PM (all times Arizona/Pacific), ABC
The Bears have been waiting two weeks to take another stab at scoring their first touchdown of the conference season.

Who do we root for?
UCLA. The identical records make this one appear to be a coin flip but Cal still has a bigger upside and Arizona gets UCLA at home. (Let the record show this is my third straight week backing the Bruins and it hasn’t worked out too well so far.)

USC (4-1 / 2-1) at Notre Dame (4-1) – 12:30 PM, NBC
The Irish have lost seven straight to USC. That’s probably why they added Washington State to the schedule.

Who do we root for?
USC. I haven’t been shy about my desire to see the Trojans fall this year but I only want Pac-10 teams to wield the sword. Besides, you don’t want to have to root for Notre Dame twice in the same year, do you?

Stanford (4-2 / 3-1) at ARIZONA (3-2 / 1-1) – 4:30 PM, Versus
Stanford has beaten the Cats by one point in each of the last two seasons. We do not want to play another close game with them.

Who do we root for?
Your Arizona Wildcats. Last week’s loss was in the budget. This week needs to start a string of home wins or we could go broke.

Washington (3-3 / 2-1) at ASU (3-2 / 1-1) – 7:15 PM, FSN
The Huskies recovered well from the heartbreaking loss at Notre Dame. Can they bounce forward after the heart-stopping win against Arizona?

Who do we want to win?
UW. But it’s not as obvious as you might think. If we get our wish and ASU ends up close to the bottom of the standings, there’s going to come a point when we want them to knock off a bowl contender for us. With WSU behind them and USC ahead of them ASU has a much tougher remaining schedule than U-Dub. It wouldn’t be a disaster if the Huskies ended up with a fourth loss here, but it’s never bad when ASU loses.

With all four games on TV and none of the games overlapping the Arizona contest you out-of-towers can sit back and soak in the Pac-10 action all day.

I expect all you in-of-towners to be at Arizona Stadium however. We’ve got a home field to defend.