It’s time to find out which teams have made the best half-season adjustments.

Before we get to the roots it’s a good time to take a look at the Pac-10 bowl picture. Every team but WSU has at least three wins. Seven teams have at least four wins. Apparently there are no volunteers for eighth and ninth place.

With 5-1 records USC and Oregon are locks to make the postseason. So unless one goes 11-1 and the other goes 10-2 and both make BCS bowls, we’re left with four Pac-10 bowl slots for seven teams. Because of the big bunch in the middle it’s becoming clear that six wins isn’t going to cut it this year. Post a winning record or go home.

Cal has both USC and Oregon behind them so their schedule eases up considerably. OSU has UCLA and UW at home plus their WSU game. Stanford has four more home games. The Bears, Beavers and Cardinal seem to be good bets to get to seven wins.

And Arizona? We’ll find out soon enough. On to TWIT-Pac!

Oregon (5-1 / 3-0) at Washington (3-4 / 2-2) – 12:30 PM (all times Arizona/Pacific), ABC
Washington has proven to be tough at home and the Ducks have a certain Trojan team coming to town next week. Uh-oh…

Who do we root for?
UW. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best, or have someone else beat the best for you.

WSU (1-5 / 0-4) at Cal (4-2 / 1-2) – 1:30 PM
Jahvid Best had a 93-yard run last week. The Cougars may find a way to give up a 110-yarder this week.

Who do we root for?
WSU. Just because.

UCLA (3-3 / 0-3) at ARIZONA (4-2 / 2-1) – 3:30 PM, FSNAZ
The Cats are coming off a big win and the Bruins are sliding, which is precisely why I’m nervous about this game.

Who do we root for?
Your Top-25 Wildcats. More on this game in a bit.

OSU (4-2 / 2-1) at USC (5-1 / 2-1) – 5 PM, ABC
The Beavers pulled off the upset last year but they’ll find the going a wee bit tougher in L.A.

Who do we root for?
OSU. I don’t care who’s undefeated. The Trojans are the team to beat in this league until they get beat again.

ASU (4-2 / 2-1) at Stanford (4-3 / 3-2) – 7:15 PM, FSN
Both teams had a chance at buzzer-beater wins last week. The Devils made their shot while the Cardinal hopes to rebound.

Who do we root for?
Stanford. ASU knocked off a bowl contender last year. They can go back to losing now.

As you can see, the above assumes the Cats are going to stay in the conference race a bit longer. Again, if you think the UA is a lot closer to sixth place than first place, that’s fine. If you just want to focus on securing a bowl bid and nothing else, root for Oregon and USC to knock a couple bowl wannabes a step closer to elimination. I know that high hopes and Arizona Football don’t usually mix.

But I’m going to mix them, at least for now. Just for fun, here are the only teams that still control their own destiny for the Rose Bowl: Oregon, USC and…Arizona.

That means we have to beat UCLA.

A thrilling comeback win, a national ranking, a Player of the Week award and national recognition for our quarterback. Things seem to be going pretty well for the Wildcats, don’t they?

That’s when longtime Cat fans get anxious. Even if your UA fandom only covers the Mike Stoops era you know that a loss can pop up from anywhere, any time. The Cats have lost to a four-win team each of the last two years. A .500 UCLA squad has no reason to be intimidated.

When you get to your seat on Saturday, buckle up. Prepare for a close game. Expect points to be harder to come by. Remember, the Bruins played Oregon to a 3-0 halftime lead just two weeks ago.

It could come down to which unit stinks less, the UCLA offense or the UA defense. Can the Cats avoid giving up the big plays that have plagued them in recent weeks? Can the Bruins score more than two touchdowns for the first time in Pac-10 play?

Arizona fans are still trying to figure out if this team is any good. We can’t get a Yes for a few more weeks, but we can get a big fat No this weekend.

Are we ready? Is this the week our program finally builds some sustainable momentum?