TWIT-Pac doesn’t want to fight any more. Let’s go back to the way it was when we didn’t have much and we lived on love.

WSU (1-7 / 0-5) at ARIZONA (5-2 / 3-1) – 1:30 PM (all times Arizona/Mountain), KWBA
The Cats have only played two games since the heartbreaker at Washington. Doesn’t it seem like ages ago? The games will come fast and furious from here on out.

Who do we root for?
Your Arizona Wildcats. Gotta make the playoffs. Gotta make the playoffs…

Oregon (7-1 / 5-0) at Stanford (5-3 / 4-2) – 1:30 PM, FSN
Oregon has been the talk of the college football world all week. Now they try and keep it up on the road. You think we could get the Stanford offense that came through Tucson to show up for this one?

Who do we root for?
Stanford. A Cardinal win gives us one free loss in our quest for The Big Prize.

Washington (3-5 / 2-4) at UCLA (3-5 / 0-5) – 1:30 PM
This is a bowl elimination game. Both teams are in bad shape but the winner gets to keep dreaming for another week.

Who do we root for?
UW. The Huskies have a tougher schedule the rest of the way so let’s put a fork in the Bruins.

OSU (5-3 / 3-2) at Cal (6-2 / 3-2) – 5 PM, FSN
The Beavers play the Washington schools back-to-back after this so a win here could get them on a nice roll.

Who do we root for?
OSU. Arizona already has to play at Cal in their seniors’ final home game. We don’t need to also have the Bears on a four-game winning streak.

USC (6-2 / 3-2) at ASU (4-4 / 2-3) – 6 PM, ABC
Can Pete Carroll get his team motivated to work toward earning “only” a BCS at-large bid?

Who do we root for?
Sorry, I said no fighting this week. Let me try that again….

Whose victory would best help Arizona?
ASU. I know it’s hard for true-blue (-and-red) Wildcat fans to root for ASU. It may even be impossible. I’ll admit as I was watching the end of their game last week I couldn’t bring myself to want the Sun Devil defense to stop Cal. Even though I knew a Bear loss was best for Arizona’s spot in the league standings, deep down inside I wanted Cal to make that game-winning field goal.

Although we would enjoy it if the Devils got humiliated on network TV this weekend, it’s best for the big UA picture if ASU pulls off the upset and keeps USC from backing into a three-way tie for the conference championship. Just think how great it would be to see the Cats playing in a better bowl game than USC.

Obviously, the only result that truly matters from a Wildcat’s perspective is Arizona beating Wazzu to get to 4-1 and keep The Dream alive. But if Stanford can shock the Ducks it would create a scenario where literally half the conference is within one loss of first place. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Unfortunately the Duck/Cardinal game will be on while we’re busy homecoming it up at the Stadium. But I know the cell phones will be clicking and the stands will be humming with score updates.

Maybe we’ll get to celebrate two big wins together.