After this weekend the regular season is over and the confusion is gone. Next we get to root for all our conference brethren in bowl games, especially since a certain team won’t be participating.

OSU (8-3 / 6-2) at Oregon (9-2 / 7-1) – Thursday, 7 p.m. (all times Arizona/Mountain), ESPN
A rivalry game for all the marbles. Could you handle it? The highest of highs if you win, but the Illinois-basketball-game-times-ten if you lose.

Who do we root for?
Oregon. All things being equal I would love to see the Beavers make their first Rose Bowl since 1965, but the only way Arizona has a chance at the Holiday Bowl is if OSU loses. So…gulp…go Ducks.

ARIZONA (7-4 / 5-3) at USC (8-3 / 5-3) – Saturday, 1:30 p.m., ABC
Under Mike Stoops the Cats’ margin of defeat against USC has gone from 40 to 21 to 17 to 7 and 7. Is this the year we turn it into a negative number?

Who do we root for?
Your Nothing-To-Lose Arizona Wildcats. The absolute worst-case scenario is a winning record and a bowl game against a ranked team. The Cats should be able to play as loose as Pete Carroll’s code of sportsmanship.

Cal (8-3 / 5-3) at Washington (4-7 / 3-5) – 4:30 p.m., FSNNW
The Bears are playing for bowl position. The Huskies are playing because the schedule tells them to.

Who do we root for?
UW. It would mean one fewer team that could take our Holiday Bowl bid.

ASU (4-8 / 2-7) at Home (Till) – Next Year
Only 358 days left to rub it in!

Who do we root for?
Whomever they play next.

When the Pac-10 moved the USC and Cal games to Championship Saturday it was hoped there would be a lot more on the line. The league will have to settle for a Thursday night expedition that would make Sacagawea proud.

Oregon is 2-0 in “Game of the Year” showdowns this season having beaten both USC and Arizona to stay in first place the entire way. Can they clear one last hurdle and quack all the way to Pasadena? Can they crush their in-state rival’s Rose Bowl dreams for the second consecutive year?

Can the Wildcats take advantage of the conference bully being stricken with a three-loss illness to give Mike Stoops his best regular season record and highest Pac-10 finish?

It could make for one happy Holiday.