How is Arizona going to score points in the Holiday Bowl?


What is the best way to attack Ndamukong Suh?


Will the UA D let up against a struggling offense? Will Nic Grigsby be able to play? Can the special teams win the field position battle?

Not interested, don’t know, don’t care.

Only one question matters as Arizona prepares for the Holiday Bowl.

What are we going to wear?

That’s right, the uniforms. I’m not talking about looking good on TV or trying to impress recruits. I want cold hard facts.

If the Wildcats were the designated home team the answer would be easy: wear blue jerseys. The UA hasn’t lost wearing blue shirts in three full seasons. Since the start of the 2007 campaign Stoops’ troops are 3-0 when wearing blue jerseys and white pants (the Central Michigan and NAU games this year), and an eye-opening 5-0 in Blue-on-Blue (including this year’s Stanford game). I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about the “blueberry” look ever again.

But what about the “lucky” red jerseys? We wore then in the Vegas Bowl and that turned out well, right? True, the Cats were in Red-on-Red for the victory over BYU, but that’s also the combination we wore in last year’s USC and OSU losses and this year’s Oregon heartbreaker. We’ve only gone with Red-on-Blue once the last two years and that was this year’s UCLA win.

(The one potential home combo yet to be used is Blue-on-Red. Could we be waiting to break it out in a key November game next year? It would probably look top-heavy with the blue helmets but, hey, sometimes when you need a little magic you’ve got to play the colors you’re dealt.)

On the road the chromatic schemes get trickier and, of course, Arizona is the designated away team against Nebraska.

My favorite road look, White-on-Red, is on a three-game losing streak. In fact, our two most lopsided losses in the past two years (Oregon in ’08 and Iowa this year) came on the road in red pants. Beauty knows not wins.

White-on-White was even worse, losing five straight games from ’06 to ’08 before finally breaking through against ASU this year. Can we count on another last-minute muff?

That leaves white jerseys and blue pants. This combination has had its ups and downs: 0-3 in 2005 but 3-0 in 2006. It went 1-3 in ’07-08 but bounced back nicely with a 2-1 record in 2009.

So there you have it. My official recommendation of the uniform combination that gives us the best chance of success is White-on-Blue.

It’s the combo we wore when we beat the Beavers in Nick Foles’ first start. It was the uniform in action when we took down USC. It’s hot.

Granted, White-on-Blue is also what we wore in this year’s Washington game.

To be safe, maybe we should change the color of our shoes.