We are just hours away from kicking this thing off. Can you stand it?

I don’t know how much success Arizona’s offense will have against Nebraska’s defense. But I do know this: the Husker offense is bad. Fewer-yards-per-game-than-UCLA-and-ASU bad.

So does a team that is solid but not great on both sides of the ball beat a team that is half great and half awful?

Good-Good might not beat Great-Bad but Great-Good would. In other words, the Wildcat defense needs to dominate.

No long passing plays like against ASU. No extended run-dominated drives like against USC. It is the Cat D’s mission to shut down the guys in red from kick to gun.

It’s Defense 101. Stop the run, force 3rd-and-long, pressure the quarterback, make plays on the ball.

Nobody is talking about anybody on the Arizona defense. As of 5 p.m. Pacific on Wed. Dec. 30 that needs to change.

Bear Down.