I know you want to skip ahead to the revised power rankings. Don’t do it! It’s like dessert. Save the best for last!

Thu. Jan. 28
Stanford (10-9 / 4-3) at ARIZONA (10-9 / 4-3)
– 6 p.m. (all times Arizona/Mountain), Fox College Sports
Playing at home against an average opponent, coming off the high of the ASU win. This is the game where we find out if the Cats are truly getting better.

Cal (13-6 / 5-2) at ASU (14-6 / 4-3) – 6:30 p.m., FSAZ
The Devils did not take care of business last week but they can still get back into first place.

USC (12-7 / 4-3) at OSU (8-11 / 2-5) – 6:30 p.m., FSNW
The Beavers haven’t won since beating Arizona.

UCLA (9-10 / 4-3) at Oregon (10-9 / 2-5) – 8:30 p.m., FSN
Three of the Bruins’ four league wins have come by two points or less.

Sat. Jan. 30
WSU at Washington
– 1:30 p.m., FSN
The Pac-10 beat Seattle U! The Pac-10 beat Seattle U! Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Stanford at ASU – 2 p.m.
The Cardinal is 4-0 at home and 0-3 on the road. If they played Washington at a neutral site, would anybody win?

USC at Oregon – 4 p.m.
After winning six straight, the Ducks have dropped five in a row. There’s no truth to the rumor they’re adding Jeremiah Masoli to the roster to try and get more steals.

UCLA at OSU – 5:30 p.m., FSNW
The last two Pac teams with overall losing records finally meet. Instead of an opening tip they should start with a group hug.

Sun. Jan. 31
– 1:30 p.m., FSN
No NFL playoff games? No problem. How about The Battle For First Place In The Pac-10 If The Bears And Wildcats Both Win On Thursday?!

Did you do it? Did you last this long without peeking? I won’t tease you any longer. It’s power rankings time (last week’s rank in parentheses!)!

1. Cal (2) – With the next four on the road we’ll see if Cal is for real.
2. USC (3) – Four wins without playing the Oregons.
3. UCLA (4) – Same as USC, but lost to the Trojans.
4. WSU (6) – Road wins against UA and USC are strong.
5. ARIZONA (9) – UA > ASU.
6. ASU (1) – Just 1-3 against the top 5.
7. Washington (5) – Lucky the Cal and Stanford games were at home.
8. Stanford (7) – No road wins and half the home wins are against Oregons.
9. OSU (8) – Why did you lose to these guys, Cats? Why?
10. Oregon (10) – First in football, last in basketball.

That looks a little better, doesn’t it? The Cats can make another jump by beating Cal, or drop back down again by losing to Stanford. Such is life in a conference where 60% of the league has exactly four wins.

But we’re 1-1 against Seattle U!