I would have posted this sooner but as I was reaching for the keyboard I was called for an offensive foul.

That was an interesting attempt at a basketball game. Not even traffic cops blow their whistles that much.

Derrick Williams was called for two fouls in two-and-a-half minutes. After eight-and-a-half minutes three UA starters had two fouls each. Williams was whistled for foul #3 with seven minutes left in the first half, #4 a whole 18 seconds into the second half, and #5 (on a moving screen of all things) with nine-and-a-half to play.

"A moving screen? A MOVING SCREEN?!?"
Photo by Nick Oza, The Arizona Republic

Sean Miller needs to stop trusting Derrick to play with fouls (and stop trusting Pac-10 referees to let him). Just like in the first Washington State game, Williams showed he hasn’t yet learned how to avoid contact when he goes back into the game too soon.

As angry as Wildcat fans are at the officials, this is Husky basketball. And before anyone says, “The foul discrepancy was only four! And you were trying to stop the clock at the end!” take a look at the trends. In their last ten games Washington has committed 255 fouls compared to 211 for Arizona. That’s an extra 4.5 fouls a game, or six minutes’ worth for Derrick Williams.

The Huskies’ style is aggressive, it’s physical, and it uglies up the game. Refs feel the need to maintain control and the result is a parade to the free throw line (and the bench).

It’s like playing those Illinois teams we loved to hate. No, come to think of it, I don’t think we enjoyed hating them.

The Cats just lost to Ill-Venoy.

(Pause. Deep breath. And…go.)

Now for the good news. We got more Lavender than a bridesmaid dress! Brendon didn’t miss the entire game. From 17 points in his last 13 games to nine points in the first half. So why didn’t we get him more shots in the second half? (Who would’ve thought we’d ever say that?)

We have a confirmed Alex Jacobson sighting! After Fogg missed another free throw late in the game (a surprisingly bad night at the line for Kyle) Alex got a huge offensive rebound. But then he panicked and immediately passed it back out even though he was all alone under the basket.

Alex! My man! You’re seven feet tall! You are allowed to jump up and place the ball though the hoop!

But you can’t blame a guy who has had more Did Not Plays than total minutes lately. Five boards and knocking down a jumper is a job well done.

(You know it’s a weird game when we’re calling for both Lavender and Jacobson to shoot more.)

Since we’re trying to stay positive, at least Derrick Williams won’t be tired on Saturday.

But the best news is MoMo Jones’ developing hairstyle. On top it’s puffed up to a full triangle that runs all the way down to his neck in back. It’s like he’s grown his own Davey Crocket cap. I approve.

But seriously, the best of the best news is we’re still in first place! Thank you, KO! Maybe that student manager was holding you back.

So the Cats, Devils, Bears and Bruins are all tied for the conference lead with hideous 6-4 records. Cal and UCLA play on Saturday (root for the Bruins since we get them at home) so somebody’s going to get to seven wins.

Can Arizona join them? Huge game on Saturday. We owe the Cougars for the buzzer-beater in Tucson. And we have a shot at tying for the least hideous record in the league.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to shut down my computer. It’s a little dusty and I don’t want to be called for….an illegal screen.