All eyes will be on Berkeley Thursday night as the Washington Huskies attempt to conquer both Cal and their fear of flying. The Arizona schools need to focus only on what’s in front of them and win two games at home.

The revised power rankings are like Stanford: at the bottom.

Thu. Feb. 11
OSU (10-12 / 4-6) at ASU (16-8 / 6-5)
– 6:30 p.m. (all times Arizona/Mountain)
The red-hot (for the Pac-10) Beavers have won two of their last three. To give their confidence an extra boost they beat their rival by 20.

Washington (16-7 / 6-5) at Cal (15-8 / 7-4) – 7 p.m., ESPN2
If you’ve been saving your first win away from home this would be a great time to use it.

Socks? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Win?

WSU (15-8 / 5-6) at Stanford (10-13 / 4-7) – 8 p.m.
Did the two close loses in L.A. leave the Cardinal hungry or hopeless?

Oregon (12-10 / 4-6) at ARIZONA (12-11 / 6-5) – 8:30 p.m., FSN
Must-win starts now for the Wildcats.

Sat. Feb. 13
WSU at Cal
– 2 p.m., FSN
Come on, DeAngelo Casto, we need you to beat up on someone besides Arizona.

Oregon at ASU – 4 p.m., FSAZ
Can the Devils avoid looking ahead to the Kevin Parrom Revenge Game?

In a year when the Cats already have hit double-digits in losses, getting beat by the Beavers remains the worst of them.

Washington at Stanford – 6 p.m., FSNW
If the Huskies can’t win this one they should just turn in their frequent flier cards.

Sun. Feb. 14
UCLA (11-12 / 6-5) at USC (14-9 / 6-5)
– 8 p.m., FSN
“Happy Valentine’s Day! I made dinner reservations. You like nachos, right?”

Another week, another jumble in the middle. Fear you not, the TWIT-Pac power rankings are here to sort things out. Last week’s ranking (looks like this).

The Leader
1. Cal (2) – One win in L.A. was enough.

The 6-5s
2. USC (8) – 5-1 vs. the top half, 1-4 vs. the bottom half.
3. ARIZONA (1) – Also does better against the better teams.
4. UCLA (3) – The best sub-.500 team in America.
5. Washington (6) – Prove it this week, U-Dub. PROVE IT!
6. ASU (4) – An Ericksonian 1-5 against the upper division.

"Hello? Portland State?"
Photo by Rob Schumacher, The Arizona Republic

The Coogz
7. WSU (7) – Stuck at unlucky #7.

The Civil Warriors
8. OSU (10) – Half their four wins are against Oregon.
9. Oregon (5) – The Ducks went from on-fire to probably-getting-fired.

The Cellar
10. Stanford (9) – Good news, Cardinal fans! Home games are coming!

Logic says Cal, Arizona, and ASU will win at home to create a little separation from the pack. But we all know logic has nothing to do with the Pac-10 this year. Who is going to serve their fans a steaming pile of disgust?