TWIT-Pac takes a look at the teams trying to make the NCAA tournament. But first, your Pac-10 TV schedule:

Thu. Mar. 4 (all times Arizona/Mountain)

Road Team Home Team Time TV
USC ASU 6:30 p.m. FSN
Washington Oregon 8 p.m.
WSU OSU 8 p.m.

Sat. Mar. 6

Road Team Home Team Time TV
Cal Stanford 4 p.m. FSN
Washington OSU 6 p.m. FSNW
WSU Oregon 6 p.m.

In a couple weeks the Pac-10 will have its reckoning day. After a season as the butt of national jokes the conference will get its final report card. Will only one Pac team make the NCAA tournament while all the others fail?

I truly believe the Cal Bears will get in even if they don’t win the Pac-10 tournament. I know they don’t have any great wins (or even many good ones) but their computer numbers are excellent and they have a big-six regular season championship to wave around. Cal will go dancing.

As for everybody else? It’s not looking good. The question for the Pac-10 this week is how many wins are too many to ignore for an at-large bid?

The two teams in play are Arizona State and Washington. Both can win four more games without winning the automatic bid. Are 24 wins enough when your non-conference schedule looks like it was delivered by a bakery? How about 23 wins when 17 of them were served up with home cooking?

Both the Devils and Huskies have an RPI in the 50s which is better than the lowest to ever get an at-large bid (New Mexico at 74 in ’99) and the lowest to get in last year (Your Arizona Wildcats at 62). But last year’s UA team had wins over Kansas, Gonzaga and a ranked UCLA. If you combine ASU and Washington this year you have one home win each against Texas A&M, San Diego State and an unranked Cal. The only jobs you could get with resumes like that involve asking, “For here or to go?”

Can we vote for “None of the Above”?

Can we vote for “None of the Above”?
Photo by David Wallace, The Arizona Republic

The problem for Arizona fans is we don’t particularly want anybody getting an at-large bid since neither of the bubble teams is very likeable. Do we really want Venoy Overton and his “What, me foul?” attitude bumping and whining on a national stage? (Stat of the week: Overton has had more fouls than assists 13 different times this year.) And most Wildcat fans would rather ship one of their kids to Dnipropetrovsk than have anything good happen to the Sun Devils.

So, no, if the Cats can’t steal the automatic bid, the embarrassment of only having one Pac-10 team make the field wouldn’t be hard to get over.

Thu. Mar. 4
USC (16-12 / 8-8) at ASU (20-9 / 10-6)
This is the first of three chances for the Devils’ last Pac-10 co-championship balloon to pop. I think we’re all going to be Kevin O’Neill fans Thursday night.

Washington (19-9 / 9-7) at Oregon (14-14 / 6-10)
What’s more shocking: UW winning two straight on the road, or UO winning two straight, period?

WSU (16-12 / 6-10) at OSU (13-15 / 7-9)
OSU just locked up Coach Craig Robinson through 2016. And why shouldn’t they after the President-in-law’s 31-win season? Oh wait, no, that’s his two-year total. But, hey, if the Beavers could play Arizona, Oregon and USC over and over they’d be national champs.

UCLA (13-15 / 8-8) at ARIZONA (14-14 / 8-8)
Unless Washington falls apart, this game is just to decide who will wear the white uniforms in the 4 vs. 5 matchup at Staples Center.

Sat. Mar. 6
Senior Day for Nic Wise. Homecoming for KO. The Trojans’ last game before their self-imposed exile. Quite a few subplots to go with brunch.

UCLA will not have a winning regular season record. I like that a lot.

Cal at Stanford
Cal dropped all the confetti after beating ASU. Are they going to care enough to beat their cross-bay rivals?

Washington at OSU
In Pac-10 play Oregon State has hit 70 points twice. Six more years, Beaver fans!

WSU at Oregon
Two teams. One basement. Who will climb those steps to 9th-place redemption?

As far as the Pac-10 tournament the only seeds locked up are Cal at #1 and USC at #DIV/0! Everyone else is trying to move up the standings to make their long-shot bid at the Big Dance a little less long.