The series of the week in the Pac-10 did not disappoint, but it was overshadowed by one startling result.

(UNWARNING: Arizona Wildcat fans will be much less nauseous this week.)

ARIZONA won two of three at Washington. Scores: 7-2, 2-10, 9-1
The Cats were a lot more at home on the road this week, beating the Huskies twice and throwing in a bonus win at Gonzaga.

Cal won all three at USC. Scores: 16-9, 7-1, 4-3
I guess the Bears didn’t take too kindly to getting swept by ASU. Cal hasn’t lost since and has won eight in a row.

Oregon won two of three at Stanford. Scores: 5-2, 9-6, 1-2
This would have been the surprise of the weekend if not for what Wazzu pulled off.

UCLA won two of three at OSU. Scores: 1-4, 3-1 (16 inn.), 8-2
Huge win for the Bruins. Does this make them the new team to beat?


"Wait, I thought you were going to
order the wins!"
Photo by David Kadlubowski
The Arizona Republic

WSU won two of three vs. ASU.
Scores: 6-5, 7-11, 9-5
Say what now? I said the Devils would be able to name their score. I expected them to name more than one win.

So the road team won four of the five series and the only road team to lose was the unanimous #1 team in the country. Go figure.

Only three weeks into the Pac-10 season and we already have a Circular Reference: Arizona beat Washington who beat WSU who beat ASU who beat Cal who beat Arizona.

This is good, and not just in an it’s-always-good-when-ASU-loses kind of way. In the same way the 2009 Pac-10 football season was the most exciting in years, it’s good to have multiple teams with a realistic shot at winning the title.

ASU only lost one Pac-10 series all last year. Does dropping two in Pullman mean the Devils aren’t as good as we thought they were? Or, to continue the football analogy, is it going to be like USC losing an early game to OSU or Washington and then steamrolling everyone else?

The updated standings:

Place School Wins Loses Games Back
1-T ASU 6 3
1-T Cal 6 3
3 UCLA 4 2 0.5
4-T OSU 3 3 1.5
4-T Washington 3 3 1.5
4-T WSU 3 3 1.5
7-T ARIZONA 4 5 2
7-T Oregon 4 5 2
7-T Stanford 4 5 2
10 USC 2 7 4

USC has established itself as the worst team, but it looks like every other position will be a dogfight. Can Cal keep pace with the league favorites? The Bears get Washington at home next so they could very well keep their streak going but then the degree of difficulty goes way up (OSU and UCLA at home and road series with Stanford, WSU and Oregon).

CBCRDI time!

School BAS COL NAT USA RIV Points Previous CBCRDI
UCLA 1 2 4 2 1 145 141 +4
ASU 3 1 2 1 3 145 150 -5
OSU 18 14 16 17 18 72 82 -10
Cal 21 19 27 26 21 41 1 +40
ARIZONA 24 22 21 19 38 26 +12
WSU 28 3 0 +3
Stanford 0 23 -23

BAS = Baseball America
COL = Collegiate Baseball
NAT = National Collegiate Baseball Writers
USA = USA Today/ESPN coaches’ poll

We welcome a new team to the rankings as the Wazzu Coogs snuck into one poll. Oregon went rank-free for the second straight week to drop off the list and Stanford is in danger of joining the Ducks in banishment.

Cal sets an all-time CBCRDI record with a 40-point jump, which is impressive, even if the scoring system is only two weeks old.