Arizona hopes the new unis perform better than this one.
Photo by Kirby Lee, US Presswire

During the offseason college football fans love to argue about the same things: coaching changes, recruiting rankings, conference realignment, and uniform changes. Nothing gets people talking like something new.

Because of this it’s surprising the Arizona Wildcats took such a low-key approach to the introduction of their new uniforms for the 2010 football season.

The last time the Cats changed their look, in 2005, there was an official press conference so all the world could see.

This time all the general public has is a video game, a replica jersey and a picture of a player in a state of undress.

I guess that’s what happens when your new uniforms look like you could’ve ordered them from your neighborhood sporting goods store.

It’s a simple look. No fanny pack on the back. No stripes of any kind, actually, as the jerseys are a solid color.

Traditionalists will call them “classic.” Fashionistas will call them “boring.”

The big difference from recent years is the return of the white helmets. Red and blue stripes are on top like the Tomey-era lids but this new version fades away in the back. Blame it on the recession?

The facemasks are still Holiday Bowl white which will make any Cat fan who was in San Diego cringe. It’s surprising they don’t have tractor tire tracks on them.

Cornhusking aside, I am in favor of multiple color options. When you have three strong colors that work well independently (as opposed to, say, Oregon State’s orange or Arizona State’s Cheeto yellow) you want to take advantage of it. Keep things fresh for the players and sell more jerseys to the fans.

Keeping the white helmets is a step in the right direction. Adding red helmets to the rotation would complete the ensemble.

For the chromatic record, I’m glad the UA has refrained from participating in the trend of randomly using colors like black, gray and whatever this is supposed to be. School colors only, please.

This is the point in the discussion where someone says, “I wouldn’t care if they wore [insert emasculating garment] as long as they win.” Winning cures all fashion evils.

So which uniform combinations produce the most wins? This was discussed before last year’s Holiday Bowl but, sadly, my advice went unheeded. Let’s make it even easier this time. Behold…

Arizona’s record under Mike Stoops…by color

Blue Blue White 5-0
Blue Blue Blue 5-3
Blue Red Blue 3-3
Blue White Blue 6-7
Blue Red White 4-5
Blue Red Red 2-3
Blue White Red 2-3
Blue White White 2-6

We will have to see if the white helmets detract from the power of the blue jerseys and white pants. We already have significant proof that those who wear white jerseys and white pants are doomed no matter what color hats they wear.

Will you miss the jersey stripes? Do you like the white helmets?

The best news is we’ll have even more important things to argue about in just a few short weeks.