You know it’s crossed your mind.

After the premature end to the Larry Smith era. During the frustratingly close peak years of the Dick Tomey era. Certainly during the agony of the Mackovician disaster.

Is Arizona Football cursed?

I asked that same question four years ago. The Wildcats certainly fit the profile of a cursed team. So it wasn’t a matter of if as much as by whom?

I present to you: The Curse of Davy Crockett.

No, not the guy who fought in the Texas Revolution. The guy who played him on TV.

Here are the facts:

– Arizona played in the Border Conference with Hardin-Simmons University.

– In the 1940s HSU was coached by Warren Woodson, a future hall-of-famer who led the Cowboys to two undefeated seasons.

Fess Parker, who went on to star in Disney’s Davy Crockett, played football for Woodson at Hardin-Simmons.

– In 1952 the UA hired Woodson.

– Arizona left the Border Conference in 1961. Without a conference to play in, Hardin-Simmons dropped its football program in 1964.

Isn’t it safe to say a guy would hold a grudge against the rival school that stole his football coach and killed his program? Enough of a grudge to put a curse on said rival?

But wait, there’s more.

– Fess Parker was a contemporary and acquaintance of Jane Withers. Who is Jane Withers? None other than The Arizona Wildcat.

– Parker worked for Walt Disney who was rumored to have been the model for Sparky the Sun Devil.

– Parker finished his education at the University of Texas, the former employer of….John Mackovic!

You can’t make this stuff up. But the biggest proof is in the results. Since the discovery of the curse in 2006 Arizona has not won a Pac-10 football championship. Not once.

Coincidence? You decide.

This may be the year the curse is really put to the test. In March Fess Parker passed on to the great Alamo in the sky. With his coonskin cap resting in peace will Wildcat football fans finally be set free?

It would be the stuff of legends.

– – – – –

TWIT-Pac will be back in full force on Friday but we’ve got a midweek edition to highlight the first Pac-10 game of the season:

USC (0-0 / 0-0) at Hawai‘i (0-0) – Thu. Sep. 2, 8 PM (Arizona/Pacific Time), ESPN

That’s right, college football is back as the Trojans travel to the home of Lolomana Mikaele to take on the Warriors.

It’s the start of a strange season in which USC is prohibited from winning the Pac-10 championship or accepting a bowl bid. With this trip to the islands it’s as if the Trojans are playing their bowl game first.

Arizona fans can also start a strange season of rooting for USC. The Men of Troy going 11-1 would be perfect for the Wildcats, as long as that one loss comes on Nov. 13 in Tucson.

Football has returned. The offseason curse has been lifted.