The Quizz hopes to run away from the Frogzz.
Photo by David Wallace/The Arizona Republic

Breathe it in. You smell that?

It’s game day.

The fortunate fans in the world of Wildcats have already made plans to get off work early and watch the late afternoon game. Everyone else will be scrambling to listen to the radio, sneak a peek at, or fake a sudden illness.

Do what you gotta do! Opening day only comes once a year.

And TWIT-Pac is back to help:

Fri. Sep. 3 and Sat. Sep. 4 (all times Arizona/Pacific)

Day Road Team Home Team Time TV
Fri ARIZONA Toledo 5 p.m. ESPN
Sat New Mexico Oregon 12:30 p.m.
UCLA Kansas State 12:30 p.m. ABC
UC Davis Cal 1 p.m.
Sacramento State Stanford 3:30 p.m.
Washington BYU 4 p.m. CBS CS
WSU Oklahoma State 4 p.m. FSN
OSU TCU 4:45 p.m. ESPN
Portland State ASU 7 p.m. FSAZ

You’ll note that, including USC last night, six of the 10 Pac teams are opening on the road. In contrast just two of the 12 SEC teams are playing their first game away from home. A slight difference in scheduling philosophies.

On to the game notes:

ARIZONA (0-0 / 0-0) at Toledo (0-0)
Winning a non-conference road game. A third straight bowl. The Nose Hole. A season of big dreams starts now.

New Mexico (0-0) at Oregon (0-0 / 0-0)
The Ducks have settled on sophomore Darron Thomas as their new starting quarterback. Anyone hoping for Oregon to fall short of repeating as league champs needs Thomas to play more like Richard Nixon than Dennis Dixon.

UCLA (0-0 / 0-0) at KSU (0-0)
Last year the Bruins went 3-0 out of conference, then proceeded to lose their first five Pac-10 games. Don’t get too excited if UCLA beats the Other Wildcats.

UC Davis (0-0) at Cal (0-0 / 0-0)
There has been zero talk about Cal as a Pac-10 contender, which is kind of strange considering the Bears have a senior quarterback who threw for over 2,800 yards last year.

Sac State (0-0) at Stanford (0-0 / 0-0)
The Hornets haven’t had a winning season since 2000. But their logo looks like something a ninja would throw.

Washington (0-0 / 0-0) at BYU (0-0)
Under Jake Locker the Huskies have lost to BYU by 1, LSU by 8, and Notre Dame by 7. Maybe U-Dub saves up all its good fortune for games against Arizona.

WSU (0-0 / 0-0) at Oklahoma State (0-0)
The Cougars’ non-conference schedule includes two road games and a matchup with a Montana State team that has posted eight straight winning seasons. Is Wazzu trying to go winless?

OSU (0-0 / 0-0) vs. TCU (0-0)
The Beavers have scheduled their way to eight non-conference losses in the past six seasons. No wonder TCU and Boise State both wanted them on the schedule this year.

Portland State (0-0) at ASU (0-0 / 0-0)
The flip side of Arizona’s schedule is a six-game ASU home schedule that includes two FCS teams and Washington State. Not even Don Draper could sell tickets to Sun Devil Stadium this year.

USC avoided embarrassment on O‘ahu and now it’s the rest of the league’s turn to make a first impression. Oregon State and Washington would turn heads with big road wins and everyone else is trying to avoid making negative headlines.

Deep breath….aaaaaaah.

Football is in the air.