No, Mana, now you have two wins.
Photo by Chris Morrison/US Presswire

The Pac-10 won every possible game last weekend so there aren’t many changes to the Survivor Rankings. Remember, this isn’t entirely based on what has happened but what has the best chance of happening once league play begins.

1. Oregon
2. Stanford
4. Oregon State
5. Cal
6. Washington
7. Arizona State
9. Washington State
10. USC

I was tempted to bump Cal ahead of OSU based on quarterback play but we have to give the Beavers time to do their annual transformation back into a quality team. It’s also worth noting that this year’s Bears/Beavs gave is in Corvallis.

Only one conference game has been played and it was enough to eliminate a team from championship consideration. You don’t get shut out at home if you expect to come anywhere near a league title.

You want another bad sign? Bruin QB Kevin Prince’s passer rating is lower than Nick Foles’ completion percentage. ¡Adios, UC-Los Angeles!

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More thoughts from The Citadel game and beyond…

The blue jersey win streak is now at 9 games. One of these days the Cats will wear the lucky blues for a big game but it won’t be this week. It doesn’t make any sense to call for a “Red Out” and have your team wear a different color. The red jerseys will have to attempt to shake off the funk of last year’s Oregon game. Perhaps the striped white helmets will provide the missing visual spark.

I do think the new wider stripes look much better on the white pants than the blue. I expect we’ll get to see if the red pants are ready for prime time Saturday night.

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Masked by the splendor of a 93-8 combined score in the first two games is the fact that punter Keenyn Crier has gotten off to a slow start. He hasn’t had a lot of work (you don’t score 46 points per game by punting a lot) but he’s currently dead last in the Pac-10 in net punting. He wasn’t even the best punter on the field against The Citadel. You should not be getting outkicked by an FCS punter named Cass. Something to keep an eye on as the close games are upon us.

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It’s interesting that among the teams joining the Pac-12 Colorado looks like the program that will be stepping up from a smaller conference. Utah wouldn’t lose 52-7 to anybody.

It makes you wonder why the Big 12 is sticking to its financial guns in keeping the Buffaloes around an extra year. If Washington State was looking to leave wouldn’t you be more than happy to cover their moving expenses? Or at least pay for their boxes?

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Expanding on my Twitter post here are Iowa’s last ten non-conference games west of the state of Iowa:

Year Opponent Result Score
2004 Arizona St. L 44-7
2000 Nebraska L 42-13
2000 Kansas St. L 27-7
1998 ARIZONA L 35-11
1996 Tulsa L 27-20
1994 Oregon L 40-18
1992 Colorado L 28-12
1988 Kansas St. W 45-10
1988 Hawai‘i L 27-24
1987 ARIZONA W 15-14

Yes, Manhattan, Kansas is west of Iowa. Either way you have to go back a long way to find a Hawkeye victory on the western front.

Westward Ho!