If Nick Foles sees a lot of this guy the Cats are in trouble.
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Just one more day, World of Wildcats!

The Arizona faithful have been waiting exactly 262 days for tomorrow. A big-time showdown with a big-time opponent to find out how much has changed since the UA got big-time destroyed in San Diego.

The time is going to drag on until Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. TWIT-Pac has the games to help distract your anxious mind.

Fri. Sat. 17 and Sat. Sep. 18 (all times Arizona/Pacific)

Day Road Team Home Team Time TV
Fri Cal Nevada 7 p.m. ESPN2/ESPN3.com
Sat ASU Wisconsin 12:30 p.m. ABC
Nebraska Washington 12:30 p.m. ABC/ESPN3.com
USC Minnesota 12:30 p.m. ESPN/ESPN3.com
WSU SMU 12:30 p.m. CBS College
Louisville OSU 2:30 p.m. FSNW
Portland St. Oregon 3:15 p.m. OSN
Iowa ARIZONA 7:30 p.m. ESPN/ESPN3.com
Houston UCLA 7:30 p.m. FSN
Wake Forest Stanford 8:15 p.m. ESPN2/ESPN3.com

Cal (2-0 / 0-0) at Nevada (2-0)
This Friday night game is a prime time scouting opportunity before the Bears visit Arizona Stadium next week. Cat fans are looking for one of two scenarios: Either Cal struggles, with Kevin Riley turning back into a turnover machine, or the Bears look so good they shoot up the polls and grab the Wildcats’ full attention.

ASU (2-0 / 0-0) at Wisconsin (2-0)
The perfect appetizer before the main course under the lights. Were the Sun Devils’ struggles against NAU just a mirage, or will ASU produce more penalties than points?

Nebraska (2-0) at Washington (1-1 / 0-0)
Who will be the king of Husk? A freshman quarterback making his first road start opposite an NFL-caliber senior sounds pretty good for the Husk-ies, right? Of course, the Husk-ers get to start 21 other guys who’ll have something to say about it.

USC (2-0 / 0-0) at Minnesota (1-1)
USC has been outgained in both games thus far but the final score is all that matters. The good news for Minnesota is the Gophers are undefeated against FBS teams.

WSU (1-1 / 0-0) at SMU (1-1)
This is the only Pac-10 game not involving a ranked team. Take one last look at .500, Cougar fans.

Louisville (1-1) at OSU (0-1 / 0-0)
The Beavers have been thinking about the disappointment in Dallas for two weeks. The competitiveness of this game should last about as long as Rick Pitino.

Portland State (1-1) at Oregon (2-0 / 0-0)
Last year the Oregon basketball team topped out at 95 points. That mark may be in jeopardy.

Iowa (2-0) at ARIZONA (2-0 / 0-0)
A peek into the mind of a Wildcat fan this week: “I think the Cats have the passing game to pull this off, but…Holiday Bowl. We hung close on the road last year, however…Holiday Bowl. Nick Foles wasn’t even the starter in that game – Holiday Bowl Holiday Bowl Holiday Bowl!”

Houston (2-0) at UCLA (0-2 / 0-1)
Who would’ve thought a Rick Neuheisel/Norm Chow-coached team would ever be jealous of a Conference USA team’s offense?

Wake Forest (2-0) at Stanford (2-0 / 1-0)
The Demon Deacons scored 54 points last week…and only beat Duke by six. You think Andrew Luck is a little bit giddy about this one?

– – –

Watch Cal, sleep in, watch the Sun Devils, tailgate, game time. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

261 days down, one to go.