Ask Texas if UCLA has any talent.
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The Pac-10 is ready to turn some heads this weekend.

It’s a beautiful Saturday with a full five conference games. All three of the Pac’s ranked teams are on the road and all of them will have kicked off by 5 o’clock.

With no late games this would be a great week to put on a good show for the East Coast voters.

Of course, those ranked teams have to make sure the heads aren’t turning because “Upset Alert!” popped up on the screen.

Your Pac-10 Football TV Schedule:

Sat. Oct. 30 (all times Arizona/Pacific)

Road Team Home Team Time TV
Cal OSU 12:30 p.m. FCS
WSU ASU 4 p.m.
Stanford Washington 4 p.m. Versus
Oregon USC 5 p.m. ABC/

ARIZONA (6-1 / 3-1) at UCLA (3-4 / 1-3)
Will it be the battle of the backup QBs? Richard Brehaut (pronounced like this) will be making his second start and first at home for the Bruins. If he plays anything like Matt Scott the Wildcats will be in trouble.

Cal (4-3 / 2-2) at OSU (3-3 / 2-1)
The Beavers haven’t won since beating Arizona. Of course, that only covers one game because they had last week off. Really big game for the bowl bubble.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
Cal. Well done last week, Oski. Now can you take your show on the road?

WSU (1-7 / 0-5) at ASU (3-4 / 1-3)
ASU AD Lisa Love probably had games like this in mind when she said the seating capacity of Sun Devil Stadium should be reduced to “something more appropriate for our fan base.” Wouldn’t it be interesting if Arizona’s expended stadium ended up bigger than ASU’s contracted stadium?

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
WSU. The Cougars’ margin of defeat has decreased in each of their past three games, from 20 to 17 to 10. The Cult of the GameDay Flag has good reason to be fired up about this one.

Stanford (6-1 / 3-1) at Washington (3-4 / 2-2)
It’s an even-numbered game for the Huskies so it’s time for the good Jake Locker to return and throw for at least 280 yards and win…right?

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
Washington. This is the game where you want the 6-1 team looking ahead to the game with the other 6-1 team.

Oregon (7-0 / 4-0) at USC (5-2 / 2-2)
I don’t know if the Trojans have enough defense to hang with the Ducks but they did have the lead at Stanford with four seconds left. It would be nice for Oregon to look at least a little bit vulnerable.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
USC. It’s perfectly fine to root for the Ducks to be 10-0 when they face Arizona. I’m not there yet however.

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If you were going to design a trap game for a ranked team this is what it would look like. The favorite is coming off an impressive win and a week of back-slapping…facing a short-handed opponent dealing with injuries and suspensions…on the road…the week before a monster game. The only way it would be more cliché is if the underdog gave up 60 points the previous week. Oh wait…

Don’t read too much into the loss of UCLA’s starting quarterback and receiver. Kevin Prince has only thrown for three touchdowns all year and Ricky Marvay only has 14 receptions. Not exactly Aaron Rodgers to DeSean Jackson.

The guy to watch is running back Johnathan Franklin. He has 748 rushing yards and he’s averaging a tidy 5.6 yards per carry. He averaged over six yards per attempt for four straight games including Stanford and Texas. The Bruins are going to run, run, and run some more.

The Arizona defense needs to lead the way. The best way to prevent an upset is to keep the underdog from scoring. B.Reed needs to abuse UCLA’s new starting left tackle. Get into the backfield and disrupt the running game before it starts.

On offense the Cats need to be patient. The worst thing you can do is force things and give the Bruins a short field with a turnover. Don’t abandon the run just because UCLA puts up more resistance than Washington.

Oh, and don’t fall into the trap.

– – –

The Pac-12 caught some flak about its divisional map that conveniently skewed the location of new members Utah and Colorado. Some have gone so far as to say Larry Scott lied.

Yes, the map was strategically off but if you’re looking for liars among college athletic conferences the Big Ten has been spreading falsehoods about its size for two decades now (and the lie is about to get 9% bigger with Nebraska joining). Shame, shame.

What the Pac-12 should have done was call their divisions Northwest and Southeast. One division has the northernmost and westernmost schools while the teams farthest south and east are in the other division.

That’s the truth.

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