Oregon's offense might not touch the ground against Washington.
Photo by Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic

One Pac-10 game features an epic match-up. One will be an epic blowout.

And one Pac-10 team got some epically bad news about its 2011 Pac-12 schedule.

This is the last time five league games will be played on the same day this year. You owe it to yourself, your conference and the entire Western United States to watch as many of them as you can.

Embrace the TWIT-Pac Football TV Schedule:

Sat. Nov. 6 (all times Arizona/Pacific)

Road Team Home Team Time TV
Washington Oregon 12:30 p.m. ABC/ESPN3.com
Cal WSU 1 p.m. FSNW
OSU UCLA 4 p.m. Versus
ARIZONA Stanford 5 p.m. ABC/ESPN3.com
ASU USC 7:30 p.m. FSN

Washington (3-5 / 2-3) at Oregon (8-0 / 5-0)
The Huskies just lost 41-0, and that was with Jake Locker. This is a name-your-score game for the Ducks. There is no escape, Washington. Oregeddon is here.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
A trillion people could root against the Ducks (and they might be) but it wouldn’t matter.

Cal (4-4 / 2-3) at WSU (1-8 / 0-6)
From the perspective of the Wildcat Universe Washington State picked the worst possible time to have their worst conference loss last week. Add in Cal’s 37-7 defeat and the two teams should just sit at midfield and console each other.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
WSU. This is your punishment, Oski. If you’re going to lay down, lay all the way down.

OSU (4-3 / 3-1) at UCLA (3-5 / 1-4)
Jacquizz Rodgers has just one fewer touchdown pass than UCLA’s starting quarterback. That qualifies as a bad sign for the Bruins.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
UCLA. Arizona beating Stanford would be incredible! The Cats taking down the Ducks would be unbelievable! And it would only put the UA in the Alamo Bowl if Oregon State wins out.

ARIZONA (7-1 / 4-1) at Stanford (7-1 / 4-1)
It’s interesting that Stanford’s season is shaping up just like Arizona’s 1998 campaign. The ’98 Wildcats lost early to undefeated UCLA and then watched helplessly as the Bruins completed a perfect Pac-10 season. Can the Cardinal complete an 11-1 run? Would it get them the BCS bowl bid that eluded Arizona 12 years ago?

ASU (4-4 / 2-3) at USC (5-3 / 2-3)
What better prepares a team: Beating a really bad team or losing to a really good team? That age-old question may get answered in this game.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
USC. You would think I would have learned my lesson after picking OSU to beat ASU the week before they came to Tucson. The best-case scenario is USC wins but looks really bad – penalties, turnovers, Matt Barkley throwing balls into the turf. And then ASU blows the game with a muffed punt.

Does a win automatically mean USC comes into Arizona Stadium next week and plays like champions? I’m going to say no. But, then again, I’m the guy who thought the ancient Trojans were Greek.

– – –

By process of elimination we know who Arizona will be playing next year in the first season of Pac-12 play.

Or, more specifically, we know who the Wildcats will not be playing.

Here’s the quick version: Each year moving forward the UA will miss one of the two Bay Area schools and one of the four Northwest schools. The other three “Mountain” schools (ASU, Utah and Colorado) will have a similar rotation with the Pac-12 North schools. No two Mountain schools will miss the same Northwest school in a given year.

Here’s what we know: ASU will not play Washington next year, Colorado will not play Oregon State, and Utah will not play Oregon.

Guess who that leaves off Arizona’s schedule? That’s right, the team with one whole Pac-10 win the past three years combined.

Someone much smarter than me has projected which of the Bay Area schools will not be playing Arizona in 2011, and I think you can figure out where this is going. Cue the music, it’s time for another installment of…

Things Nobody Else Does

The start of the Pac-12 means the return of unbalanced schedules. In a tight race who you miss from the other division can be a huge advantage (see Michigan State making a run at the Big Ten title without having to play Ohio State).

Only two teams from the Pac-12 South will miss WSU. Since Washington’s playing USC the other school avoiding Wazzu in 2011 will be UCLA. That means the Bruins’ second miss will be either Oregon or OSU while the Wildcats miss Cal.

In other words, the UA will be playing the toughest schedule in the Pac-12 next year.

Congratulations I’m Sorry.

– – –

For the Wildcats every dream remains in play with a win at Stanford on Saturday but a loss significantly lowers the season’s ceiling.

When comparing the two teams Arizona has more question marks going into the game. Can the secondary prevent big plays? Can the defensive line keep Andrew Luck from scrambling for first downs? Which Wildcat quarterback will start? If it’s Nick Foles will he look sharp? If it is Foles and if he doesn’t look sharp will Mike Stoops yank him for Matt Scott?

You wish this game was in Tucson. You wish Foles had a game to get his timing back. But Opportunity doesn’t take appointments. She knocks when she sees fit.

Time to answer the door.

– – –

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