What are Cat fans hoping to find under the tree?

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the child-mat…

Yeah, that’s not going to work.

When attempts at rhyming fail it’s time to go back to something we can all count on: the list. Which items would give fans of the Arizona Wildcats the merriest of Christmases and happiest of New Years?

– Win the Alamo Bowl
Who cares what the point spread is! This is college football bowl season! Anything can happen! Except this year, when the favorite has won – and covered – in all six bowl games thus far. So just in case…

– Score a point in the Alamo Bowl

– Juron Criner comes back
If you want to see #82 breaking records at Arizona Stadium next year you want every other stud junior wide receiver to go pro.

– Jeff Hammerschmidt becomes the new secondary coach and Joe Robinson returns to coach special teams
Why would a guy leave his alma mater to take his old job? Some people need a challenge. Arizona’s special teams are definitely…challenged.

– Bill Bedenbaugh stays and develops the world’s nastiest offensive line
The Wildcats’ co-offensive coordinator is expected to be in demand at multiple places this offseason. Replacing five starters would be hard enough without having to replace the guy who coached them.

– The basketball team contends in the Pac-10
If Washington underachieves a bit and the Cats reach their full potential, late February could be very interesting in Sean Miller’s second season.

– Earn an NCAA tournament bid
Enough is enough. The time is now. This one-year March Madness drought has been more than any Wildcat fan can bear!

– Derrick Williams comes back
Root for an NBA lockout.

– The softball team beats UCLA this time around
The Bruins now have 11 (legal) championships to Mike Candrea’s eight. The gap must be closed.

– Baseball hosts a regional
The Cats made the NCAA tournament last year, but with almost the entire team coming back the goal is to earn post-season games at home. Just borrow ASU’s application form. They won’t need it this year.

-Start a senior quarterback in 2011…and 2012
I’m in the camp that says you sit Matt Scott in the early part of the 2011 season to keep his redshirt available. If you upset some teams early and think you can have a big season, go ahead and play him. But having Scott as the undisputed senior starter in 2012 sounds really appealing.

– Beat Stanford
The 2010 season fell apart starting with the blowout in Palo Alto so revenge would be sweet. It’s too bad Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck of the Carolina Panthers won’t be here to see it.

– Go to a 4th straight bowl game
It has never been done at Arizona. If the senior class can pull it off they would have bragging rights forever.

– Beat ASU
Steven Threet and Brock Osweiler combine to throw five interceptions as the Wildcats win by a score of 24 (three TDs, three two-point conversions) to 6.

– Win the Pac-12 South and travel to Eugene to play for the Nose Hole
Hey, if you’re going to make a list you may as well ask for some really good stuff.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Wildcats (and even Sun Devils) everywhere!

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