It's never a good sign when 82% turns into 30%.
Photo by Wildcat Sports Report

The Arizona Wildcats basketball team will try to bounce back after only posting half a good weekend in Oregon. How did the rest of the conference do and what are they about to do?

Get your Pac-10 basketball TV schedule here, and final notes from the Alamo Bowl (I promise).

Thu. Jan. 6
(all times Arizona/Mountain)

Road Team Home Team Time TV
Stanford ASU 6:30 p.m. FSAZ
Oregon Washington 6:30 p.m. FSNW
OSU WSU 8 p.m.
Cal ARIZONA 8:30 p.m. FSN

Sat. Jan. 8

Road Team Home Team Time TV
Cal ASU 12:30 p.m. FSN
Stanford ARIZONA 4:30 p.m. FSAZ
OSU Washington 4:30 p.m. FSNW
Oregon WSU 8:30 p.m.

Sun. Jan. 9

Road Team Home Team Time TV
UCLA USC 8:30 p.m. FSN

Thu. Jan. 6
Stanford (8-4 / 1-0) at ASU (8-5 / 1-1)
The good news: ASU is 5-0 when they score at least 63 points. The bad news: They Devils have only scored 63 points five times.

Oregon (7-7 / 0-2) at Washington (10-3 / 2-0)
Stat whiz Ken Pomeroy says the Huskies now have a 91% chance of winning the Pac-10. Could he be more specific?

OSU (7-6 / 2-0) at WSU (10-4 / 0-2)
The 5-6 team pulls off a sweep to start conference play while the 10-2 team gets swept. This might be why all those birds died.

Cal (7-6 / 0-1) at ARIZONA (12-3 / 1-1)
The Cats need both games this weekend to protect their tournament resume. Bubble talk on Epiphany Eve? That’s what happens when you lose to the team with the worst RPI in the league.

Sat. Jan. 8
Cal at ASU
The race for 8th place starts now.

Stanford at ARIZONA
The UA needs to be careful: Stanford only lost to Oklahoma State by 11.

OSU at Washington
It’s a battle for 1st place! If the Beavers win watch out for falling birds.

Oregon at WSU
This weekend will be the Cougars’ first home games since Dec. 10. Look for Klay Thompson and company to blow off some steam.

Sun. Jan. 9

The Bruins on the other hand have only played one road game all year. Look for some steam to be blown on them.

– – –

Cleaning out the notebook from San Antonio, then we will remember this game no longer.

The college football world has conspired to make Arizona look as bad as possible. Iowa proved that a 7-5 team can beat a 10-2 Big 12 team. Stanford proved, if you’re good enough, missing two extra points doesn’t matter. Washington, who lost to the Cats by 30, played the team that beat the Cats by 33 (and the Huskies by 35), and won. The only way the Sun Devils could be enjoying this bowl season more would be if they were playing in it.

Mike Stoops won his first Territorial Cup game then lost three straight. He won his first bowl game and has since been dominated twice. Stoops has first impressions down but needs to work on his seconds and thirds.

The Wildcats are now 6-9-1 all time in bowls and 6-6-1 in the Pac-10 era.

Arizona’s best pro quarterback prospect in a long time (ever?) is now only 11-10 as a starter. He was 5-6 this year. The chance to play well in a bowl game and win it should give Nick Foles extra incentive to return in 2011.

The big mistakes in the Alamo Bowl looked even worse on TV – the Bug flub, Criner’s 4th down drop, the blown coverage on Blackmon, Wilcox whiffing on the TD-after-INT. And that was just the 1st quarter.

Speaking of TV, they had all the lowlights from the ASU game queued up and ready to go, didn’t they?

Bowl practice is a great time to install new wrinkles on offense. The Cats’ two surprises were a shovel pass (4 yards) and a flea flicker (sack). Robert Anae, come on down!

And we went a very long way to see it all. Going to these games doesn’t make you a better fan than the people who don’t have the means to go, but it does put you in some kind of twisted club. There should be a secret handshake for anyone who sat through both the Holiday Bowl and the Alamo Bowl. You get VTP (Very Tortured Person) status if you also had season tickets during the 2003 season.

I did enjoy spending the day in San Antonio. Is there any way we could get a river to run through downtown Tucson? How about an Arroyo Walk?

The best part of the history surrounding the Alamo: The “Come and Take It” flag.

We almost surrendered on the drive home. Dust and high winds in west Texas, rain in El Paso and snow in New Mexico. As the miles turn into hours and the hours turn into “What day is this?!” you have to remind yourself of the benefits of driving:

-Take whatever you want.
Your nail clippers will not be confiscated as a weapon.

-No TSA groping.
The Border Patrol guys keep their hands to themselves.

-All you can eat.
If you want three pounds of honey roasted peanuts, you get three pounds of honey roasted peanuts.

-Rest stops.
Picnic tables decorated with wagon wheels, fake teepees, The Thing? I-10 has it all.

-Cheap, cheap, cheap.
If you’ve got more time than money you can pull it off. In 2008 I thought I could go to any Pac-10 bowl except the Emerald because it was too far to drive. Well, Tucson to San Antonio is 869 miles while Tucson to San Francisco is a mere 867 miles. Bring on the Fight Hunger Bowl!

It’s not glamorous but at least you get the secret handshake.

– – – – –

Scott Terrell does not advise eating three pounds of honey roasted peanuts. Get more health tips on Facebook and Twitter.)