It’s always nice when a win is easier than you expected.

The Arizona Wildcats hit 85 points for the first time since Nov. 21 against Northern Colorado. They shot the ball like you’re supposed to at home. They played like the second best team in the Pac-10.

High-fives all around.

The team unveiled new uniforms and they looked great. The extra color makes the home whites look livelier. From a distance the design on the back looks like a Transformers logo, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The best part about the new uniforms? They’re undefeated.

The team as a whole seemed livelier. Was it the new gear? Was it ESPN? As much as we like to complain about The Worldwide Leader there’s a lot more weight behind Jay Bilas or Rece Davis saying “What a player!” about Derrick Williams than when you hear it from Steve Physioc or Marques Johnson.

Speaking of “What a player!” you would have to be trying really hard to throw an alley-oop that Williams couldn’t handle. WOW.

Bonus points for the Edgersonesque white kneepads.

I liked how the Cats set the tone early by attacking the rim instead of settling for jumpers. And Solomon Hill made a lefty dunk! I think that’s his first in about 12 attempts.

Much was made of it being Kyle Fogg’s 21st birthday. His present was turning one basket into 14 points.

A Tree Jacobson sighting! He now has as many assists as Hill’s lefty dunks.

Yes, UCLA’s Reeves Nelson had an incredible game. But he had the exact same 24 points a week ago and he followed it up with a whopping four points on Saturday. You’re welcome, ASU.

Jordin Mayes was strong off the bench. He has all the tools needed to develop into a quality guard – length, good elevation and a nice touch on his jumper. That’s why the free throw shooting is so puzzling.

Mayes went 1-of-2 from the line to raise his free throw percentage to 35%. If he keeps this up Salim Stoudamire is going to ask for his number back.

Maybe the Cats could bring in Shaquille O’Neal to coach him up.

35% on one-pointers? Even Alex Zendejas is disgusted.

(OK, I’m done. Keep battling, Jordin.)

The Cats are one win away from a very impressive 7-2 record on the front nine of the Pac-10 season, but there can’t be a post-ESPN letdown. Do not be lulled into over-confidence by the 18-point 2nd-half lead against UCLA or USC’s mere two-point win at ASU. Kevin O’Neill will have the Trojans fired up.

Get the undefeated new uniforms ready.

– – – – –

Scott Terrell wouldn’t want to enter a free throw contest against anybody. Toe the line on Twitter and Facebook.