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The Arizona Wildcats are out…of excuses.
Photo by Crystal Ochoa/The Arizona Republic

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Since the Pac-10 isn’t interested in trying to get people to come to a college baseball game on Easter Sunday, this week’s series all run Thursday through Saturday.

That means TWIT-Pac is early, which means – right this minute – you get all your Pac-10 hardball info in one place.

Less talking! More info!

Last weekend’s RESULTS!

OSU won all three at Stanford.
Scores: 1-0, 8-1, 6-4
Say hello to the team to beat. Arizona has struggled through a stretch of four straight ranked teams. Well, the Beavers have played three straight…and gone 8-1.

Cal won all three at Washington.
Scores: 6-2, 8-2, 4-3
If you beat up on the bad teams you don’t have to win as many against the good teams.

UCLA won two of three vs. ARIZONA.
Scores: 4-5, 4-0, 8-5
The Cats can beat everybody behind Kurt Heyer. They can’t beat anybody behind anyone else. It’s consistency, but not the kind you want.

ASU won all three vs. WSU.
Scores: 3-1, 8-2, 10-4
The Devils last three series have all been sweeps. The games at home were W’s, the ones on the road were L’s.

USC won two of three vs. Oregon.
Scores: 2-4, 9-2, 3-1
The 16-20 Trojans now sit above two ranked teams in the Pac-10 standings.

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This week’s RANKINGS!

OSU 3 7 15 9 8 8.4
ASU 9 12 6 13 9 9.8
UCLA 20 11 17 20 20 17.6
Cal 15 19 22 16 19 18.2
ARIZONA 23 23 25 23 23 23.4
Stanford 23 26 28.4

BAS = Baseball America
COL = Collegiate Baseball
NAT = National Collegiate Baseball Writers
PER = Perfect Game
USA = USA Today/ESPN coaches’ poll

The polls now reflect the top of the Pac-10 standings (in four out of five of them, anyway). Stanford dropped out of three of the polls after getting swept, and the Cats slid closer to a similar fate after another series loss.

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This week’s SCHEDULE!

#23.4 ARIZONA (23-13 / 5-7) at Oregon (19-16 / 2-7)
The Wildcats are now done with the four best teams in the league. If they’re going to turn things around, now is the time. Can UA baseball do the opposite of the football team?

WSU (14-17 / 2-10) at #8.4 OSU (27-7 / 8-1)
First place hosts last place. The Sam Gaviglio no-hitter watch starts now.

#17.6 UCLA (20-12 / 9-3) at #28.4 Stanford (17-12 / 3-6)
The Cardinal has lost five straight Pac-10 games. Don’t worry; they have four weeks to get better before facing Arizona.

#9.8 ASU (25-9 / 8-4) at #18.2 Cal (24-9 / 9-3)
Now we’ll start to see if the Bears are for real. The Sun Devils aren’t used to residing in 4th place.

USC (16-20 / 6-6) at Washington (11-23 / 2-7)
At the moment the Pac-10 is shaped like a swimsuit model: Full on top and at the bottom but thin in the middle. USC is the belly button.

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It’s not surprising that Arizona gets better pitching when Kurt Heyer is on the mound. But it’s the run-support numbers that make the UA’s one-win-forward-two-losses-back routine even more puzzling.

The Wildcats have scored 34 total runs in Heyer’s Pac-10 starts. Kyle Simon has gotten just 15 runs of support while Tyler Hale has been backed by 20.

Even if you drop the 18-0 game down to 8-0 the UA still averages a full run more per game against the other team’s best starter than they do against the #3 starters, and two runs per game more than against the #2 guys. It makes no sense.

The Oregon Ducks have the third best team ERA in the Pac-10 and they move up to second if you only look at conference games. This will not be an easy series for Arizona, especially on the road, but if the Cats want to be a ranked team, if they want a decent seed in the NCAA tournament, the wins need to start happening right now.


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