Derrick Williams dunk

Didn’t Cleveland use to have a 6-8 dunker wearing #23?
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Derrick Williams caused a stir with some of his quotes at the NBA combine. He made it clear he feels he’s worthy of being the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Considering who owns that pick he may want to reconsider that wish.

Most of the answers were typical Derrick Williams. Fans of the Arizona Wildcats who watch the video are not going to be shocked by quotes like this:

“Just being in the draft is a blessing. It just humbles me to have teams want me to be one of their future players.”

“I’m not really focused on who’s going to pick me right now. I’m just trying to work out as hard as I can to be in the best shape…to be ready as soon as the season starts.”

“If I have a slower guy on me, I’m going to take him outside and drive past him. If I have a smaller guy on me, I’m going to be able to post him up.”

But this is the NBA and people don’t want song lyrics. They want sound bites with bite. So the questions get more pointed:

Do you feel you’re the most NBA-ready player in this draft?

Rookie of the Year, is that something you think about at all?

Are you the best player in the draft?

Williams was confidently honest in answering every question and in doing so he declared that if the Cleveland Cavaliers select him with the 1st overall pick they will be getting the best, most NBA-ready player in the draft who plans on being the Rookie of the Year.

Be careful, Derrick. You don’t want to give the Cavs any ideas.

It’s not because Cleveland only won 19 games this year. The No. 1 pick goes to a bad team every year. But this is no ordinary bad team, in an ordinary city.

It’s the most traumatized sports city in the country.

Cav fans have baggage. Lots of baggage. And you can’t blame them. They’re just 10 months removed from LeBron Jamespainfully public betrayal and now his talents are steamrolling through the playoffs in South Beach.

Manny Ramirez won his World Series rings with the Red Sox. Art Modell’s franchise won its Super Bowl as the Baltimore Ravens. What if LeBron wins a championship in his first year with Miami? The Cleveland police department should start hiring people now so they’re ready to flip all their squad cars back over.

James took a team that won 17 games in 2003 and he doubled that win total in one year. He tripled it in three years. LeBron then took a team that won 67 games and turned it back into a wine-colored pumpkin by walking away.

The Cavaliers and their fans are desperate for a new hero. They will get their hopes up about their first No. 1 pick since 2003. Let them get their hopes up about Kyrie Irving.

I wish nothing but the best for the people of Cleveland. I feel their sports pain. (I am, after all, a fan of University of Arizona football.) Whoever the Cavs take, I hope he ends Cleveland’s sports curse. But I don’t wish that pressure on anybody.

Derrick Williams would be wise not to wish for it either.

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