Lute Olson

Lute Olson was used to stomping on the rest of the Pac-10.
Photo by Michael Chow/The Arizona Republic

The official birth of the Pac-12 is Friday, ending the conference’s 33-year run as a 10-team league.

If you’re a fan of the Arizona Wildcats and averted your eyes during the look back at Pac-10 football, it’s safe to come out now.

Here’s how the schools stack up in terms of won-loss record, NCAA tournament appearances, Final Fours and championships after 33 years of Pac-10 basketball.

Pac-10 conference won-loss records

Last week we thought it was interesting that only three teams had won the Rose Bowl more than once in the Pac-10 era. In hoops only three teams even posted a winning record during the same span. How’s that for top-heavy?

The two heavyweights separated themselves even more on the list of conference championships:

Pac-10 conference championships

The UA and UCLA combined to win 2/3 of the titles. It’s fitting they battled until the final weekend for the last Pac-10 championship.

To give Sean Miller something to shoot for, here’s the all-time conference championships list for the PCC/AAWU/Pac-8/Pac-10:

All-time Pac-10 basketball championships

Cal, you’re next.

Stepping onto the national stage we have the Pac-10’s participation in March Madness (which does not include vacated years):

Pac-10 NCAA tournament appearances

Washington needed this year’s appearance to move into the upper division where it joined the other three participants in the 2011 Big Dance.

Pac-10 Final Fours

UCLA’s fifth Four during the era was vacated.

As far as national championships the basketball side of the conference was less successful than football. After a post-expansion drought UCLA won it all in 1995 and the Cats cut down the nets two years later. It looked like the Pac-10 was back on top but no one from the conference has been able to break through since.

Arizona lost the championship game in 2001 and the Bruins were the runners-up in 2006 but that’s it. The league is definitely overdue for someone carrying the Pac flag to the top of the mountain.

The first Pac-12 coach to win a title will be instantly tied for the most championships out of the conference since John Wooden.

Take aim, Coach Miller.

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Don’t change that dial. The look at Pac-10 baseball history is on the horizon!

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