Frank Kush

ASU’s Frank Kush had to let go of some wins.
Photo by The Arizona Republic

Last week we took a look at the composite results from 33 years of Pac-10 football. The problem is the numbers didn’t add up.

I thought I could just take the totals from the 2010 Pac-10 media guide and add in the 2010 season. But when something as great as the premier 10-team conference comes to an end it’s worth doing the extra math.

Now we have the complete football won-loss records – both on the field and in the history books – from 1978 through 2010.

It turns out the all-time records in the media guide were incomplete. So I took the standings for each of the 33 years, dusted off a spreadsheet and selected some text-to-columns delimiters. (And the nominees for Biggest Sports Nerd are…)

Here are the real-life, on-the-field, sanctions-not-included football standings from the Pac-10 era:

Pac-10 conference record

The same number of wins and losses; that’s more like it. And the Trojans may want to ask the Pac-10 office where their extra 10 wins went.

Next we have the re-added overall records:

Pac-10 overall records

Stanford leads its Bay Area rival in Pac-10 victories but Cal racked up enough non-conference wins to jump the Cardinal in the overall standings.

Now for the confusing part. What happens when cheaters force you to rewrite history? Everyone knows about the vacated wins from the Reggie Bush saga but ASU and Oregon got busted in the Pac-10’s early days and Cal was penalized in the late ‘90s.

Here are the official sanction-sanitized Pac-10 totals for conference games since expansion in 1978 with a breakdown of who had to give wins back to whom:

Official Pac-10 records

USC – Vacated 1 W in ’04 and 8 W in ’05. Gained 1 W by forfeit in ’99
Washington – Gained 1 W by forfeit in ’79
UCLA – Gained 1 W by forfeit in ’99
Oregon – Forfeited 1 W in ’78 and 2 W in ’79
Arizona St. – Forfeited 3 W in ’79. Gained 1 W by forfeit in ’99
California – Forfeited 3 W in ’99. Gained 1 W by forfeit in ’79
Washington St. – Gained 1 W by forfeit in ’78 and 2 W in ’79
Oregon St. – Gained 1 W by forfeit in ’79

A couple thoughts:

-Now if you add in USC’s nine vacated wins the numbers match.

-All those forfeited wins flying around and Arizona couldn’t even get one?

There you have it. Take these numbers, reflect on the greatness of the Pac-10, and enter your next rivalry debate with confidence.

It all adds up to an exciting 33 years.

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