Florida BCS Championship

Florida, the Confetti State.
Photo by Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic

Something incredible happened at this year’s College World Series.

The University of Florida did not win it.

The Gators have been the kings of the college sports scene with national championships in both football and men’s basketball. Who else can claim success across multiple sports?

When I first explored this topic five years ago it was a genuine question. Which school was the best among the major college sports? But then Florida woke up and said, “Wait a minute, we invented our own sports drink!” and then they started beating the electrolytes out of people.

The other thing that changed since we first looked at this is the football criteria. There are no longer just four BCS bowl games to neatly go with basketball’s Final Four so it complicates things. Is it more impressive to lose the BCS national championship game or to win the Fiesta Bowl?

At this point in time it doesn’t matter because the majority of teams that failed in a BCS title game have also won a different BCS bowl in the last half decade. The lone exception is Oregon but the Ducks haven’t been to a Final Four since the ‘30s so we can just use the football winners.

Here are the only two schools to win a BCS game and go the Final Four in the last five years:

BCS bowl winner and Final Four in last 5 years

If you go back 10 years the list grows like this:

BCS bowl winner and Final Four in last 10 years

The one that raises eyebrows is Louisville, but since the Cardinals are showing up on lists like this they aren’t exactly having to ask their coaches to work for free.

If you want to add baseball (because I love the college baseball) you can use the semifinalists at the College World Series as your “final four.” The only universities to win a BCS football game and finish in the top four in both the basketball and baseball tournaments in the last 10 years are:

BCS bowl winner, Final Four, CWS semi in last 10 years

If you narrow it down to just national championships and expand it back to the beginning of time, this is the list of every school that has won a title in both football and basketball:

football and basketball national champs

When Florida won the insane four combined hoops and gridiron titles in a five-year span the Gators joined Michigan State as the only school with multiple national championships in both football and basketball.

Here are the four programs that can also boast of a baseball championship to complete the triple crown:

football, basketball and baseball champs

Since Cal last played in the Rose Bowl in the 1958-’59 season it’s easy to see when the Bears’ deal with the devil expired.

The Ohio State Buckeyes appear to have had a pact that ran out in the late ‘60s but they found new life when they made a deal with the Tressel.

Finally, because I can slice the stats any way I want, here are the rest of the schools that have both a basketball and baseball championship:

Basketball and baseball champs

Take that, Florida.

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