The Cougars are 2/6 of the way to bowl paradise.
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The Arizona Wildcats took a lot of hits last week.

On the football field, on national TV, and even at the doctor’s office.

Did the UA’s bowl chances take a hit? And who looks like they’re going to hit six wins this year?

Last week the tiers became clear. This week is about order within the strata:

bowl bubble

There are no changes in the groupings because there were no unexpected results last week. I did, however, attempt to put the teams in order of bowl likelihood, so Stanford slid to the left in its row while Arizona and Oregon State slid to the right.

Colorado was on the opposite end of the competitive spectrum compared to OSU but an overtime loss counts just the same as a blowout defeat. The Buffaloes really could have used that win against Cal considering they only have four true home games left and they don’t play Oregon State.

We are also going to use this space to take a look at the Pac-12 South race each week. In the first game that meant something in the standings Utah hung around all night at USC but couldn’t force overtime thanks to the Block Heard ‘Round the Strip.

As we wait for the rest of the South to get into the action here’s a look at who each team misses from the North thanks to the unbalanced schedule:

Pac-12 South misses

Advantage: Utah. Disadvantage: Colorado and Arizona.

Although, Colorado just lost to Cal so maybe they’re at an advantage because a game against a team they’ve proven they can’t beat doesn’t count while they still have nine games left against Pac-12 teams they could conceivably beat.

Disadvantage: Logic.

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