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Insert your favorite Luck-based pun.
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Last week the Arizona Wildcats made Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden look like the #1 pick in the NFL draft. This week the Cats play the true projected #1 overall pick in Stanford’s Andrew Luck.

But there is hope.

This is the first week of the season with no Thursday or Friday Pac-12 games. The bad news is you have to wait a couple more days to see your favorite conference in action. The good news is your Arizona/Stanford pregame festivities will be loaded with West Side football.

I hope you’ve got access to a lot of channels because this week you’re going to need them. Here’s the TWIT-Pac TV schedule (all times Arizona/Pacific):

Pac-12 TV schedule

Colorado State (2-0) at Colorado (0-2)
This is the annual neutral site game held at the Denver Broncos’ stadium. It has a title sponsor (Cinch Jeans), an official name (Rocky Mountain Showdown) and a logo. Now you know.

Texas (2-0) at UCLA (1-1)
Last year’s UCLA win in Austin was supposed to announce to the world that the Bruins were back. They finished 4-8. Will the Longhorns use this trip to go conference house hunting?

Washington (2-0) at Nebraska (2-0)
The Battle of Husk! The -ers want revenge for last year. The -ies want revenge for last year too.

Missouri State (0-2) at Oregon (1-1)
I didn’t even know there was a Missouri State. And after this game there might not be.

Presbyterian (1-1) at California (2-0)
The Presbyterian College Blue Hose are from Clinton, South Carolina. They’ve got Hose in different area codes.

WSU (2-0) at San Diego State (2-0)
The Cougars are trying to hit the three-win mark for the first time in four years. Not 3-0; three wins, period.

ASU (2-0) at Illinois (2-0)
The Fighting Illini already have a win against ASU, but I’m guessing this version will be a little tougher than Arkansas State.

Syracuse (2-0) at USC (2-0 / 1-0)
Random two-point conversion attempts, chaos-inducing blocked field goal attempts. You don’t want to leave the room when USC’s special teams take the field.

Utah (1-1 / 0-1) at BYU (1-1)
In terms of games played BYU is only Utah’s second biggest rival. The Utes have played Utah State 109 times compared to 86 games with BYU. In fact, except for one year during World War II, Utah and USU had played each other every year since 1919 before taking a break from the series last year. Is nothing sacred?!

Stanford (2-0) at ARIZONA (1-1)
The lone conference game of the week. On camera during the NAU game the UA’s Marquis Flowers (#2) said he and fellow safety Robert Golden (#1) are the “1-2 Punch.” Now would be a really good time for them to knock out a couple turnovers.

Now about that hope.

If you’re an Arizona fan your hope is that Jim Harbaugh is an absolute genius. Einstein on the sideline. Your hope is that his game planning, play calling and sheer presence were far more critical to Stanford’s success than anyone realizes.

This is the Cardinal’s first conference game in the post-Harbaugh era and it coincides with the ZonaZoo’s 2011 national television debut. When the pressure builds for the first time and the Stanford players look toward their coach for inspiration will David Shaw rise to the occasion? Or will every player suddenly realize that Jim Harbaugh is gone forever?

There is your hope.

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