Duck cycle

The Ducks have been on a roll since losing to LSU.
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Get ready for the heaviest weekend of Pac-12 football action to date!

Of course, the Pac-12 is only three weeks old but TWIT-Pac is very pleased that we’ll be able to continue saying “Pac-12” for at least another year.

Three teams are on a bye week and one team is playing out of conference but everyone else is facing a Pac-12 foe. By the time Saturday comes to an end everybody but Colorado and Washington State will have played at least one conference game.

The good news is there are five matchups involving Pac-12 teams on Saturday. The bad news is you’re going to have to be really nimble with your remote control thumb if you want to watch more than two of them.

Oh, and the Arizona Wildcats are playing a top-10 team. Again.

Here is your Pac-12 football TV schedule (all times Arizona/Pacific):

Pac-12 Week 4 TV schedule

Why are Arizona and ASU playing at the same time? How are the fans supposed to root against their rival while they’re busy screaming at a home game? Now that Larry Scott is done dissing Sooners maybe he can turn his attention to preserving favorite-and-least-favorite doubleheaders.

Another drawback to the bunched games is there’s going to be about a four-hour gap between the end of the early games and the start of the late ones. What are we supposed to watch at our tailgates, the WAC? Come on, Pac-12 Network(s), make all our dreams come true!

On to the happy games…

Cal (3-0 / 0-0) at Washington (2-1 / 0-0)
The Bears are averaging 45 points a game. The Huskies have scored 36 points per contest. Defensive coordinators, beware.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
Cal. The Cats don’t play the Bears this year so Oski can beat up whomever he wants.

UCLA (1-2 / 0-0) at OSU (0-2 / 0-0)
The Most Important Game of the Year (MIGY) for both teams. If the Bruins lose to the team that lost to Sacramento State, Rick Neuheisel may be asked to find his own way home.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
UCLA. Logic says you want the North team to beat a South rival but the Bruins aren’t going to win the division. Oregon State is shaping up to be Arizona’s MIGY, so a Beaver tailspin is preferred.

Colorado (1-2 / 0-0) at Ohio State (2-1)
Tat U. got spanked by Miami last week and barely beat Toledo the week before so this isn’t necessarily the body-bag game that was expected when it was scheduled. Can the Buffs add to the Bucks’ misery?

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
Colorado. The Pac-12’s best non-conference win this year is ASU over a now-unranked Missouri team. Ohio State isn’t ranked either but the Pac will take what it can get.

Oregon (2-1 / 0-0) at ARIZONA (1-2 / 0-1)
The Ducks took out their LSU frustrations to the tune of 125 points in two home games. They’re still good.

USC (3-0 / 1-0) at ASU (2-1 / 0-0)
The Game of the Week. The favorite to win the Pac-12 South against the favorite to play in the Pac-12 Championship Game because the favorite to win the Pac-12 South is ineligible.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
USC. If the Trojans beat the Sun Devils after already beating Utah, Wilbur will have to send Traveler a sack of his favorite oats.

Stanford (3-0 / 1-0) – bye
The Cardinal suffered some injuries against Arizona but it doesn’t look like Stanford will be tested until a trip to USC the last week in October.

Utah (2-1 / 0-1)byu, I mean, bye
When you go into your biggest rival’s building and beat them 54-10, you deserve an extra week to celebrate.

WSU (2-1 / 0-0) – bye
I guess it’s a good thing that a 2-1 record is disappointing for the Cougars. They need to rest up with two road games and a visit from Stanford on the horizon.

– – –

The final game of Arizona’s top-ten triple is here. Can the Cats hold their opponent under 37 points for the first time in front of the ESPN cameras? Can they break 14 points?

Alex Zendejas is the new (old) kicker but if he’s lining up to attempt more than one field goal it doesn’t even matter if he makes them. Oregon scored four second-half touchdowns against the UA last year. This is a week for the Arizona offense to gamble on 4th down, especially in the red zone.

The other stat of note from last year is Nick Foles threw for a career high 448 yards against the Ducks. When doing that gambling on 4th down, this is a week to do so through the air.

The game is almost sold out but the home team hopes the stands will be filled with red (or blue, or white) and not green (or yellow, or black, or lightning, or carbon, or…).

– – – – –

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