ASU loses at UCLA

Who wants to start a bowl streak?
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So it ends.

With loss number seven against Utah last Saturday the Arizona Wildcats football team will not be setting a school record by going to a fourth consecutive bowl game.

The UA’s run had been the third longest active streak in the Pac-12 (and second longest among the old Pac-10 schools). That honor now belongs to Stanford.

Here are the streaks for each program:

Pac-12 Bowl Streaks

Team Longest Years Current
Utah 8 2003-’10 8
Oregon 7 1997-2003 6
Arizona 3 1992-’94, 2008-’10 3
Stanford 3 1933-’35 2
Washington 9 1979-’87 1
Colorado 9 1988-’96 0
UCLA 9 1980-’88 0
USC 9 2001-’09 0
Cal 7 2003-’09 0
ASU 4 1970-’73, 2004-’07 0
OSU 4 2006-’09 0
WSU 3 2001-’03 0

(This year is not included but USC’s vacated bowl is.)

Starting a new streak will be on the new Arizona coach’s to-do list.

* * *

Last week was horrible for the Wildcats on the field but there was some great news on the hot-seat/no-head-coaching-search-competition front.

Cal took care of business at home and then UCLA turned in the biggest Pac-12 upset of the season to date by taking down Arizona State. The best part is, I called it! OK, that’s not exactly what I said but I did tell you to root for it.

The cool-seat roadmap looks a lot better:

Team Remaining Wins Record Upset?
UCLA at Utah, Colo 7-5 Done.
Cal OSU 6-6 at ASU
WSU Utah 4-8 at Wash
OSU none 2-10 Wash

How do we get the Bruins into the Pac-12 Championship Game to ensure Rick Neuheisel gets another year? I don’t think they’ll win out with two road games left including USC but they can still get in if they go 2-1 down the stretch and ASU loses one more time.

If only there was a team with a lot of incentive to beat the Sun Devils, maybe someone like a 112-year rival…

* * *

All the four-win teams became five-win teams so the Pac-12 bowl bubble has just about popped:

Pac-12 bowl bubble, week 10

The conference is just three more wins (and one national championship game snub) away from filling all seven of its bowl slots even with USC ineligible. If Stanford and Oregon both make BCS bowls and Washington State (3-6) loses one more time the New Mexico Bowl is going to have to go team shopping somewhere else.

* * *

Nick Foles, if it’s any consolation, John Elway didn’t win a bowl game either.

The Wildcat quarterback’s assault on the Pac-12 record book was slowed after his worst statistical performance of the year. Here are the current projections:

Pac-12 Records Who, When What Nick Foles, 2011
Total Offense Cody Pickett, Wash, 2002 4,273 4,204 (pace)
Total Offense per Game Ryan Leaf, WSU, 1997 325.7 350.3
Passing Yards Cody Pickett, Wash, 2002 4,458 4,346 (pace)
Passing Yards per Game Cody Pickett, Wash, 2002 342.9 362.2
Completions Willie Tuitama, Ariz, 2007 327 378 (pace)
Completion Percentage Rich Campbell, Cal, 1980 70.7 68.8
Completion %, Career Matt Leinart, USC, 2002-05 64.8 66.5

Everything on there is still within reach but he’s got some ground to make up. Tim Kish and Seth Littrell, if you’re out there and you happen to find yourself with a lead in Boulder, please let Foles continue to throw it around. Matt Barkley had six touchdown passes against the Buffs, for crying out loud. Besides, how often do you get a chance to knock Matt Leinart down?

(Nobody on the Houston Texans practice squad answer that.)

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