Arizona at Colorado

It's not fun when the new guy fights back.
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With the loss to the Colorado Buffaloes the Arizona football season has become a teen movie. It starts with making fun of the new kids (and guys with names like “Beaver”) but it ends with the new guys getting the last laugh. And it’s not as interesting if there’s not a streaker involved.

The reality is with two more losses the 2011 Wildcats make the short list of the worst teams in school history.

Here are the contenders:

Year Record Win %
1957 1-8-1 .111
2003 2-10 .167
1949 2-7-1 .222

If they met on the field? This year’s team would be favored against the 2003 squad. The other two teams would also be in trouble, but only because they didn’t have facemasks.

The ‘11 Cats need an upset to avoid joining the equally-short list of UA teams that have finished in last place (WAC and Pac-10 only; the Border Conference must not have its website up yet):

Year Conf. Record Place
1965 1-4 6th
2002 1-7 9th (tie)
2003 1-7 10th

Historically, landing in the cellar has had immediate consequences at Arizona. Jim LaRue was fired after the ’65 season. Mike Stoops was obviously fired this year. John Mackovic was allowed to return after 2002 and, sure enough, his ’03 team finished last again.

A sports philosopher might ask: Was Stoops fired because he had the worst team in the Pac-12 or is this the worst team in the Pac-12 because Stoops was fired?

If the chicken is dead and the egg is rotten does it really matter which came first?

Silver lining: Only two weeks left until coach-shopping season.

Bonus silver: At least it’s not the Pac-13.

* * *

The return of Kevin Parrom is the kind of college sports story we need during this era of major scandals. It’s a story of life intersecting basketball and providing an example we can relate to.

No, the vast majority of us weren’t shot during college, but you can’t go through life without losing someone you love. We all have obstacles to overcome and when you see a young man respond to his personal setbacks and get back to doing what he loves it’s a powerful reminder that, warts and all, sports are an important part of the college experience.

Kevin Parrom and Book Richardson

Kevin Parrom and Arizona assistant coach Book Richardson
Photo by Chris Morrison-US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Parrom and Sean Miller

Kevin Parrom and Arizona head coach Sean Miller
Photo by Chris Morrison-US PRESSWIRE

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