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Cajun. It’s not just a hot wing sauce.
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The final regular season weekend is here in the Pac-12 and neither division race has been decided. Last week’s upset has Oregon needing a win to clinch the North and the South is a mess because every (eligible) team has been upsettingly bad.

Two schools are finishing with a non-conference game including the Arizona Wildcats who finally get a shot at their not-so-hated archrivals, the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns.

TWIT-Pac is thankful for the Pac-12 football TV schedule (all times Arizona/Mountain):

Date Away Home Time TV
Fri Nov 25 Colorado Utah 1:30 p.m. FSN
  Cal ASU 8:15 p.m. ESPN/ESPN3
Sat Nov 26 OSU Oregon 1:30 p.m. ABC
  UL-Lafayette ARIZONA 2 p.m. none
  WSU Washington 5:30 p.m. Versus
  Notre Dame Stanford 6 p.m. ABC
  UCLA USC 8 p.m. FSN

Colorado (2-10 / 1-7) at Utah (7-4 / 4-4)
Utah used to end the season with BYU every year. Colorado’s season finale was always against Nebraska. Both sides are probably viewing the other as a step down.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
Utah. We’re #11! We’re #11!

Cal (6-5 / 3-5) at ASU (6-5 / 4-4)
One team is 1-4 on the road. The other is 0-3 in November.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
ASU. Yeah, I said it. As we hinted last time Dennis Erickson really needs a couple wins to save his job. If you like watching the Sun Devils underachieving and losing the Territorial Cup you want Erickson to keep his job. If you like watching the Sun Devils underachieving and/or getting busted for cheating in football, basketball and baseball you want “Vice President for University Athletics” Lisa Love to keep her job.

Now, there is certainly risk involved with rooting for ASU. One, you feel dirty. Two, a win most likely puts the Devils in the Pac-12 Championship Game where they’re one fluke victory from the Rose Bowl. If you can’t take that chance (or if your sports conscience won’t allow it) root for Cal. But if you’re confident that Oregon can take care of business at home, root for Erickson to lock up a winning season here.

OSU (3-8 / 3-5) at Oregon (9-2 / 7-1)
Oregon State shows the importance of scheduling winnable non-conference games (and then actually winning them). Cal and the Beavers are both 3-5 in Pac-12 play yet the Bears are already assured of making a bowl game while OSU is staring at a 3-9 season. Mike Stoops had been calling for a downgrade in Arizona’s OOC schedules so it’ll be interesting to see what matchups are arranged for Rich Rodriguez.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
Oregon. There will be no Pac-12 team in the BCS Championship Game this year. The conference can still get two teams into the BCS but only if Oregon secures the Rose Bowl leaving Stanford for the Fiesta.

Louisiana-Lafayette (8-3) at ARIZONA (3-8 / 2-7)
ASU, ShmayEssYoo; this is the real rivalry game. The Wildcats have had some monumental battles with Sun Belt teams over the years such as Arizona 14, North Texas 9 and Arizona 36, Idaho 29.

WSU (4-7 / 2-6) at Washington (6-5 / 4-4)
Husky fans probably felt a lot better about this game three weeks ago when they were 6-2. Now Washington needs a win just to ensure they don’t back into a losing season.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
WSU. The Wulff has come too far not to finish the hunt!

Notre Dame (8-3) at Stanford (10-1 / 8-1)
If you’re wondering why Arizona is playing a non-league game Thanksgiving weekend I blame Stanford. They’re playing Notre Dame which means they couldn’t play Cal who then had to play ASU who couldn’t play Arizona who got stuck peddling tickets on Facebook.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
Stanford. The extra BCS money would help fill in the UA’s budgetary hole.

UCLA (6-5 / 5-3) at USC (9-2 / 6-2)
The Trojans are suddenly a top-10 team with a Heisman candidate. By the way, what’s stopping USC from declaring itself the 2011 Pac-12 champions? They have the best record in the South and they beat the presumed North champion. I’d print up t-shirts and send the bill to Reggie Bush.

Who do Wildcat fans want to win?
UCLA. Could you really fire Rick Neuheisel if he posted a 6-3 Pac-12 record with a win against USC? I say no. Move along, Mike Leach. No job openings to see here.

* * *

Any threat of the young Arizona players coasting after the Territorial Cup victory went away with the hiring of Rich Rodriguez this week. The new Wildcat coach will get his first look at his new players in action and you know what they say about first impressions.

For the fans it’s one last chance to see the seniors take the field. This year hasn’t been what anybody wanted but this class has had a good run. They went to three bowl games after the program had nine years with nothing. They won at ASU and at USC to finish tied for 2nd in the Pac-10 in 2009. They won at ASU again this year to finish 3-1 for their careers against their rivals. These Cats were part of what will hopefully be the foundation that Rodriguez builds on to finally – finally! – get Arizona to that next level.

This class has also left its mark on the UA record book. Nick Foles led the way by becoming the Wildcats’ all-time and single-season leader in completions and yards.

Juron Criner is currently tied with Theopolis Bell for the all-time touchdown receptions record and Criner joins two other seniors among the career reception leaders. Criner is 4th with 200 catches, David Douglas sits tied for 6th with 142 receptions, and David Roberts is 11th at 126 grabs, five behind Syndric Steptoe for 10th. Criner owns the 4th and 7th best single-season reception totals for his last two years and Gino Crump came out of nowhere this year to tie Bobby Wade with 62 receptions in a season, the 9th most in school history.

Trevin Wade is tied for 10th with 12 career interceptions. And let’s not forget Keola Antolin. He’s no one’s idea of a superstar back but he is about to become the 6th UA player to lead the team in rushing three times and he has had a knack for the most important task in football: scoring touchdowns. Remember all the times you watched Trung Canidate race into the end zone? Antolin has done it the exact same 25 times, the 4th highest total in Arizona history. Add in Antolin’s three receiving touchdowns and he’s 6th in all-purpose touchdowns, two behind Criner’s 30.

So go ahead and get on out to Arizona Stadium one last time. Tickets start at the price of a value meal and you’ll be able to sit pretty much wherever you want. Say good-bye to the seniors, say hello to Rich Rod, and enjoy the last day of UA tailgating and football for 10 long months.

* * *

The BasketCats are finding life a little difficult in Year 1 A.D. (After Derrick). With the 6-7 Jesse Perry as the only hint of a post presence Arizona is a one-trick pony at this point. If the 3s go down the Cats look good (like against St. John’s) but if they don’t it can get ugly (as in both games since).

Here is Arizona’s after-Thanksgiving hoops schedule:

Date Vs. Location Time TV
Tue Nov 29 New Mex. St. Las Cruces 7 p.m. FSAZ+
Sat Dec 3 NAU Tucson 4:30 p.m. FSAZ/KWBA

May all your holiday weekend shot attempts find the bottom of the net.

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