Everybody is chasing Ka’Deem Carey’s national rushing lead.
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‘Tis the season for the college football postseason games that don’t mean anything…except to the players, coaches, families, friends, fans, administrators, alumni and aspiring entourage members.

Pac-12 teams will be on your television a record eight times this bowl season. The previous high for Pac bowl teams was, well, the seven last year. Upward trend!

This Week in the Pac-12 is here to get you ready for the bowl season so you don’t end up scheduling a white elephant gift exchange at the most inopportune time.

TWit-Pac got you a present and it’s a bowl TV schedule (all times Arizona/Mountain). I hope it fits.

Date Bowl Pac-12 Opponent Time TV
Sat Dec 15 New Mexico ARIZONA Nevada 11 a.m. ESPN
Sat Dec 22 Las Vegas Washington Boise State 1:30 p.m. ESPN
Thu Dec 27 Holiday UCLA Baylor 7:45 p.m. ESPN
Sat Dec 29 Alamo OSU Texas 4:45 p.m. ESPN
Sat Dec 29 Fight Hunger ASU Navy 2 p.m. ESPN2
Mon Dec 31 Sun USC Georgia Tech 12 p.m. CBS
Tue Jan 1 Rose Stanford Wisconsin 3 p.m. ESPN
Thu Jan 3 Fiesta Oregon Kansas State 6:30 p.m. ESPN

Only two games share the same day so it’ll be easier to sneak in “family time” and “holiday memories.”

Let’s bowl!

New Mexico Bowl
ARIZONA (7-5) vs. Nevada (7-5)
Remember last year when Wildcat Universe was looking enviously at the Pac-12’s unused spot in Albuquerque? That’s another reason to enjoy this game and not dwell on what might have been. An additional reason to get into the game is at the bottom of this here page.

Las Vegas Bowl
Washington (7-5) vs. #19 Boise State (10-2)
This is Boise State’s third straight appearance in this bowl on the heels of BYU going five consecutive years. And they say relationships formed in Vegas don’t last.

Holiday Bowl
#17 UCLA (9-4) vs. Baylor (7-5)
So the Bruins are the team making the short drive to San Diego instead of the Trojans. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Baylor doesn’t match the 67 points it scored in last year’s Alamo Bowl.

Alamo Bowl
#13 Oregon State (9-3) vs. #23 Texas (8-4)
A) It only took two Pac-12 bowl picks before my predictions were screwed up. B) Good to see the fine folks in San Antonio reward a deserving team and not just go for the most recognizable name. C) It does, however, mean that three Pac-12 North teams came off the board before the first South squad. The southern Pac teams have some catching up to do. D) Beaver fans should be building a statue of Mike Riley and not grumbling the next time he has the occasional losing season or two.

Fight Hunger Bowl
ASU (7-5) vs. Navy (7-4)
An excellent opportunity to let your patriotic pride burst forth!

Sun Bowl
USC (7-5) vs. Georgia Tech (6-7)
Yes, the Trojans went from preseason No. 1 to playing in a bowl against a team with a losing record. That’s one heck of a Lane change.

Rose Bowl
#6 Stanford (11-2) vs. Wisconsin (8-5)
We all know the Badgers have more losses than any previous Rose Bowl participant but did you know they aren’t the worst team to make it in terms of win/loss percentage? The 1983 UCLA team won the Pac-10 with a 6-1-1 conference record but had an overall mark of 6-4-1 (.591) which is worse than Wisconsin’s 8-5 (.615).

Fiesta Bowl
#4 Oregon (11-1) vs. #5 Kansas State (11-1)
Three weeks ago this was the national championship game. And here’s your extremely stumpable holiday party sports trivia question: Which team has the worst all-time bowl winning percentage in the Pac-12? As you may have guessed by the placement of this question, it is in fact Oregon. The Ducks have only won 10 of their 25 bowl games for a win percentage of .400. Nike can’t buy everything.

* * *

Ka’Deem Carey’s rushing lead survived conference championship week. Now the UA All-American has his final say in the matter and he’s going to have to speak loudly.

Here are the nation’s top 10 rushers after last week’s games. Remember, the official title is awarded to the player with the highest yards-per-game average.

1 Ka’Deem Carey Arizona 12 275 1,757 6.4 20 146.4
2 Stefphon Jefferson Nevada 12 341 1,703 5.0 22 141.9
3 Le’Veon Bell Michigan St. 12 350 1,648 4.7 11 137.3
4 Jordan Lynch Northern Ill. 13 271 1,771 6.5 19 136.2
5 Kenjon Barner Oregon 12 248 1,624 6.6 21 135.3
6 Antonio Andrews Western Ky. 12 277 1,609 5.8 11 134.1
7 Montee Ball Wisconsin 13 332 1,730 5.2 21 133.1
8 David Fluellen Toledo 11 252 1,460 5.8 13 132.7
9 Johnathan Franklin UCLA 13 268 1,700 6.3 13 130.8
10 Beau Blankenship Ohio 12 293 1,500 5.1 11 125.0

Below we have the estimated yardage amount each ball-carrier would need on top of Carey’s New Mexico Bowl total in order to pass Carey’s season total:

Stefphon Jefferson Nevada ARIZONA 55
Le’Veon Bell Michigan St. TCU 110
Jordan Lynch Northern Ill. Florida St. 133
Kenjon Barner Oregon Kansas St. 134
Antonio Andrews Western Ky. Central Mich. 149
David Fluellen Toledo Utah St. 151
Montee Ball Wisconsin Stanford 174
Johnathan Franklin UCLA Baylor 204
Beau Blankenship Ohio UL-Monroe 258

So, for example, Stefphon Jefferson would have to out-rush Ka’Deem by 55 yards to overtake Carey’s season average. Kenjon Barner would need to match Carey’s New Mexico Bowl total plus another 134 yards, and so on down the list.

The numbers aren’t exact because we’re dealing with per-game averages between guys who haven’t played the same number of games but it shows what kind of head-start Carey has. After the Wildcat and Wolf stage their shootout in Albuquerque we’ll be able to calculate the exact goal for everyone else.

High-powered offensive football and fuzzy math. How can you say no to that?

– – – – –

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