Wildcat Universe

Welcome to the Wildcat Universe!

What is this place?

Well, you should probably start on the About page.

Welcome back to the Wildcat Universe!

The goals here are to A) root for the Arizona Wildcats, B) talk about the Arizona Wildcats, and C) talk to people about rooting for the Arizona Wildcats. I have all the posts from my four years of blogging at TucsonCitizen.com and I’ll be adding new content as we go along. I love UA sports history so there will be some research from time to time and I hope to give Cat fans easy access to interesting facts, records and stats.

I want this to be a fun place to celebrate Arizona wins and recover from Arizona losses. I want to prepare you for those (sometimes) light-hearted conversations associated with the Territorial Cup rivalry. In other words, ASU jokes are spoken here.

What is this place not?

This is not an insider site. I don’t have any “contacts” or “sources” or other words that require quotation marks. If McKale is the center of Wildcat knowledge I’m out at the Picacho Peak Dairy Queen.

I’m not a professional so I won’t pretend to be. There will be a bit of game commentary and a lot of attempts at humor (did I mention the ASU jokes?). Most of all, this is a first-person account of the glorious roller coaster ride that is University of Arizona sports fandom.

Buckle up and Bear Down.