Arizona Stadium firework smoke

Ka’Deem Carey set off some more fireworks against Utah.
Photo by Wildcat Universe

The Arizona Wildcats played another football game which means Ka’Deem Carey probably did something amazing. Sure enough, it’s time to update the record books.

Carey joined himself (three times now) on Arizona’s list of greatest single-game rushing performances. At first it was thought he had gained 240 yards on 40 carries against Utah but it was changed to 232 on 39 after the game. Carey still has two of the top three games in UA history and three of the top 12.

Here are all 39 Carey carries against the Utes:

(FYI, this is how they corrected the stat totals. The video guys wanted to show all 40 attempts and only found 39. Teamwork!)

With those 232 official yards Carey became the sixth Wildcat to join the 3,000-yard rushing club. He passed both Nic Grigsby and Hubie Oliver to move up to fifth place on the career rushing chart. Ka’Dream needs just nine yards to leap Mike Bell for fourth.

Carey’s Ute-beating touchdown last Saturday also added to Arizona’s second-best career rushing touchdown total.

The uniform combination database has been updated to show Blue-Blue-Blue joining Blue-White-Blue as the combo with the most wins since the start of 2005.

This week’s ensemble is another new one:

The red helmets are being worn in a true road game for just the second time (Washington this year) so they’re looking for their first win when paired with the white jerseys.

Red-White-White is new but Blue-White-White has been worn nine times. BWW only has a 3-6 record but is riding a two-game winning streak (2009 at ASU and 2010 at WSU).

The rule: You can wear white pants (and a white shirt) after Labor Day, but make sure you wear a colorful hat.

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