McKale scoreboard - Texas Tech

Arizona beat Texas Tech Tuesday night to improve to 8-0.
Photo by Wildcat Universe

The Arizona Wildcats are undefeated and moving up in the polls. Even though December just started it’s not too soon to be thinking about March.

Here’s an early look at the competition for the four No. 1 seeds in the 2014 NCAA tournament.

March Madness seeding talk? Already? You better believe it. The Wildcats have already played (and won) the highest profile game on their schedule. Winning the Pac-12 and earning the No. 1 seed in the West region is the goal. No sense in hiding it.

Any chance this team had of sneaking up on people went out the window after beating Duke on the east coast. So embrace the lofty aspirations and high expectations and feel free to start your scoreboard-watching now.

Here are the early competitors for the four top seeds in relative order of strength, with heavy emphasis on beating teams currently in the top 25 (all rankings from the Dec. 2 AP poll) and avoiding losses. We’ll maintain this list throughout the season and expand or contract it as we go along.

Michigan State (7-0)
Current Rank: 1
Best Wins: No. 3 Kentucky, Oklahoma
Losses: none

Current Rank: 2
Best Wins: No. 10 Duke, No. 24 San Diego St.
Losses: none

Syracuse (7-0)
Current Rank: 4
Best Wins: No. 20 Baylor, Indiana
Losses: none

Villanova (7-0)
Current Rank: 14
Best Wins: No. 6 Kansas, No. 23 Iowa
Losses: none

Kansas (6-1)
Current Rank: 6
Best Wins: No. 10 Duke
Losses: No. 14 Villanova

Connecticut (7-0)
Current Rank: 12
Best Wins: No. 15 Florida, Indiana
Losses: none

Wisconsin (8-0)
Current Rank: 8
Best Wins: No. 15 Florida
Losses: none

Oklahoma State (7-1)
Current Rank: 9
Best Wins: No. 16 Memphis
Losses: No. 16 Memphis

Kentucky (7-1)
Current Rank: 3
Best Wins: Providence
Losses: No. 1 Michigan St.

Ohio State (6-0)
Current Rank: 5
Best Wins: Marquette
Losses: none

Louisville (6-1)
Current Rank: 7
Best Wins: Southern Miss
Losses: North Carolina

Duke (6-2)
Current Rank: 10
Best Wins: No. 22 Michigan
Losses: No. 2 ARIZONA, No. 6 Kansas

* * *

If the season ended today my four 1-seeds would be:

Midwest – Michigan State
East – Syracuse
South – Kansas

– – – – –