Arizona Stadium construction

Hello, my name is Scott and I’m still an Arizona Football fan.

I am a UA alum. I have season tickets to Arizona Stadium. I’ve been watching this program for a long time and studying its history along the way.

That’s why I’m very nervous about tonight’s game.

Take a quick look at the biggest Wildcat football games since the turn of the century and you’ll see why.

In 2000, 5-1 (3-0 in conference) Arizona plays at 5-1 (3-0) Oregon. UA loses, 14-10, the Ducks win the Pac-10, Dick Tomey loses five straight games and gets forced out.

In 2009, the 6-3 (4-2) Wildcats host 8-2 (6-1) Oregon with the winner controlling its destiny in the Pac-10 race. UA loses, 44-41, the Ducks go to the Rose Bowl and Arizona finishes a game behind in second place.

In 2010, 7-1 (4-1) UA plays at 7-1 (4-1) Stanford. UA loses, 42-17, the Cardinal wins the Orange Bowl, Mike Stoops loses 10 of 11 across two seasons and is fired.

And that doesn’t even touch the previous seven decades. I’m going to be in the stands cheering my hat off like normal but this is where Arizona Football Fan Anxiety comes from.

It doesn’t help that it seemed like every national sports media outlet had a story on Arizona’s rise and Rich Rodriguez’s redemption this week. Nobody picked the Cats to beat Oregon last week; everybody is picking the UA over USC. Arizona doesn’t have a strong tradition in “turn the corner” games like this.

Now, there’s a difference between anxiety and despair. Arizona can certainly win today if the team plays well. The current head coach had nothing to do with the past failures.

The UA now owns a two-game winning streak against Oregon. USC was defeated the last time it came to Tucson. There are signs that RichRod is teaching the entire Wildcat Universe how to win.

So We The People watch and wait. And hope the cure for AFFA is close at hand.

– – – – –