Arizona Puts up Unexpected Struggle.

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Porter and Luis are Stars for the Losers.

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Sid Foster Makes Sensational Runs.

By William M. Henry, Los Angeles Times

November 8, 1914

Arizona’s cactus-fed athletes, despite heroic efforts on the part of their two half-backs, Porter and Luis, went down to defeat before the Occidental Tigers yesterday afternoon, the tally with all precincts heard from being 14 to 0 in favor of the Tigers.

Confident of rolling up a big score, the Tigers took the field with grins on their faces, but before the game was ten seconds old they knew they had a battle on their hands.


The Arizona men showed the fight of wild cats and displayed before the public gaze a couple of little shrimps in the backfield who defied all attempts of the Tigers to stop them.

Porter at left half and Luis at right half for Arizona carried the ball, it is safe to say, at least nine times out of every ten, and if the Prohibitionists had possessed one other man who could carry the ball sufficiently well to give these two little giants a chance to rest, the score might have been different.


Joe Pipal took a long chance when he went to Pomona and left his team without his guiding hand on the sidelines, for the Pipalless Tigers had an awful time beating their lighter antagonists.

Had any kind of judgment been used in handling the team as to plays or as to substitutions, the score might have been considerably higher. Pete Lenz and Sam McClung were allowed to limp around, almost useless with bad legs, the whole second half, when Shorty Smith and Chick Hill could easily have saved the varsity from further injury and added to the Tigers’ ground-gaining ability.


Sid Foster pulled off some sensational runs through scattered fields, once running seventy yards for a touchdown and another time running a punt in fifty yards, both times being called back through holding on the part of his team-mates. Pete Lenz on the receiving end of a forward pass also made a sixty-yard run, only to be called back because of holding.

The Arizona offense consisted of alternating Luis and Porter on off-tackle bucks and these men, except on one or two occasions, made all the way from three to ten yards at a shot. Porter made sensational runs of twenty-five to thirty yards in the early part of the game, but an injured ankle slowed him up towards the end.


The Arizona right wing, composed of Jackson, Hendry and Beach, was especially strong, and it was by means of their strong play that many of Porter’s gains were made possible.

The Tigers failed to show their accustomed speed and dash. They could not gain through the line and refused to run the ends. Their chief gains were made on long forward passes with Foster on the projecting end. Lenz carried the ball too much and couldn’t find the weak spots in the Arizona line.

McClung kicked off to Porter, who ran the ball to the 20-yard line. Porter dashed off tackle for five yards, but was penalized fifteen yards for holding and punted to midfield. The Tigers marched the ball back down the field to the Arizona 20-yard line, where they were held for downs.

* * *


Brandstetner provided the sensation of the third quarter by taking a forward pass and ploughing through the Arizona team for twenty-five yards by good use of the straight-arm. The Tigers marched straight down the field, but were held near the Arizona line. A bad punt left the Tigers within thirty yards of the goal line. A forward pass to Batz and bucks by Foster and Lenz put the ball on the 1-yard line, with two downs to go, when the whistle tooted.

Between quarters, Charley Johnson pranced on the field in place of Brandstetner and Charley took it over on the first play of the quarter, Coffeen kicking goal.

The last quarter was a stalling exhibition on the part of the Tigers, McClung invariably punted as quickly as possible. Arizona put up a great fight and once had a touchdown almost clinched when Luis, with practically a clear field, fumbled a forward pass and the Tigers were saved.

A red-headed party who was injected into the game at right end for the Prohibitionists, played a great game during the last quarter, being on the receiving end of a couple of forward passes, intercepting a couple more and downing Foster in his tracks on every punt.

The Line-up:

Shipke, A. StearnsR.T.Hendry
T. StearnsR.G.Beach
SquiresL.G.Clawson, Arozena
BatzL.E.Hammels, Seeley
Lenz, HillQCrawford, Meyers
McClung, SmithR.H.Luis
Brandstetner, JohnsonFTurvey, McPherson

Referee, Smith; umpire, Waddell; head linesman, Spiers.

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