Rich Rodriguez

If the question is 200-yard rushers, the answer is RichRod. Photo by Wildcat Universe

Jared Baker joined an exclusive club when he rushed for over 200 yards Saturday night against Colorado.

Well, it used to be an exclusive club, but then Rich Rodriguez showed up.

Baker’s 207 yards in Boulder made him the third running back to go over the double-century mark in Rodriguez’s Arizona tenure. Ka’Deem Carey broke 200 yards four times in two seasons (twice against Utah, once against Oregon and the record-setter against Colorado) and Nick Wilson hit the milestone against Utah last year.

(Add in B.J. Denker running for a school-QB-record 192 yards against Colorado and perhaps this article should be titled “Baker joins Arizona’s 200-Against-Colorado-and-Utah club”.)

There have now been six 200-yard rushing performances in 3.5 seasons under RichRod. That’s not a normal rate for Arizona Football.

The Cactus Comet era saw one 200-yard rusher for three straight seasons in the 1950s but the UA only had two in the following 35 years. Trung Canidate broke two bills three times in two seasons but it only happened three times in the dozen seasons after that.

All told, the Wildcats had a rusher eclipse 200 yards in a game nine times in the 56 years from 1956-2011. RichRod’s boys are already at six.

The 200 club is going to need to be expanded.

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