Wildcat Walk

Photo by Wildcat Universe

Arizona Wildcats head football Rich Rodriguez made his weekly appearance on the “Doug & Wolf” radio show in Phoenix and he was asked about people saying he would be a good fit at Miami and other places. The question starts at the 7:17 mark and you can listen to the full interview here.

Here is a transcription of the final segment:

Question: What does it take to keep you in Tucson for life?

Rodriguez: Well, I appreciate the question. As a coach I’ve been lucky; I’ve been involved in some of these rumor stuff before and I’ve been on the other end of it too [laughs], so that’s never fun.

I’m so busy; we’re so focused on just trying to win, not just win now at Arizona but win in the future. From a recruiting standpoint and everything we’re doing in the program, I’m treating it like this is the last job we’ll ever have and I want all of our players and our staff to do the same thing.

It’s flattering to hear if there’s other schools out there but I don’t – and any coach will probably tell you, they’ll give you the standard line – but the truth is we’ll watch as much film and do as much recruiting that we can to build the best program at Arizona and I’ve been really tickled to death with everything we’ve had here. Obviously we want to win a few more games and we want to get healthy and we want to have sold-out crowds and all that kind of stuff but I think there’s a great future here so we’ll see what happens.

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