Arizona Wildcats basketball record for most consecutive wins

RankSeason(s)Coach(es)Win Streak
11913-14 - 1916-17Pop McKale / Raymond Quigley22
22013-14Sean Miller21
3t1992-93Lute Olson19
3t1997-98Lute Olson19
5t1919-20 - 1921-22Pop McKale / James Pierce18
5t1930-31 - 1931-32Fred A. Enke18
71928-29Fred A. Enke17
81987-88Lute Olson15
9t1946-47Fred A. Enke14
9t2012-13Sean Miller14

The 2013-14 team holds the school record for longest win streak in a single season, as well as consecutive wins against college opponents.

The entire 1913-1917 streak was against non-college teams. Raymond Quigley coached the first game of the streak (the final game of the 1913-14 season) and Pop McKale coached the next 21.

Half of the 1919-1922 streak was against 4-year college teams. McKale coached the team in 1919-20 and 1920-21; James Pierce coached in 1921-22.

The 1930-1932 streak included 13 of the 18 wins against 4-year college teams. The 1946-47 streak included 1 win against a non-college team.

Through 2014

The UA record for longest winning streak to start a season can be found here.