Pac-12 Baseball Schedule, May 5-11, 2016. All times Arizona/Pacific

Thu May 5CalStanford7 p.m.Pac-12 National
Fri May 6Wash.USC6 p.m.-
Fri May 6UC IrvineUCLA6 p.m.-
Fri May 6OregonArizona St.6:30 p.m.-
Fri May 6Oregon St.ARIZONA7 p.m.Pac-12 National
Fri May 6CalStanford7 p.m.Pac-12 Bay
Sat May 7UC IrvineUCLA2 p.m.-
Sat May 7Wash.USC6 p.m.-
Sat May 7OregonArizona St.6:30 p.m.-
Sat May 7Oregon St.ARIZONA7 p.m.Pac-12 National
Sat May 7CalStanford7 p.m.Pac-12 Bay
Sat May 7UtahWash. St.7 p.m.Pac-12 Mtn/WA
Sun May 8Oregon St.ARIZONA12 p.m.Pac-12 National
Sun May 8OregonArizona St.12:30 p.m.-
Sun May 8Wash.USC1 p.m.-
Sun May 8UC IrvineUCLA1 p.m.-
Sun May 8UtahWash. St.4 p.m.Pac-12 National
Mon May 9UtahWash. St.7 p.m.Pac-12 National

Pac-12 National games are also shown on the participating schools’ regional networks. For example, when an Arizona game is on Pac-12 National it is also shown on Pac-12 Arizona.

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